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BEST diagnostic test or lab for conditions

+ Homan's Doppler US (suspected DVT from squeezing the calf)
Ulnar deviation SANA(suspected collegen sero+ disease like RA)
Not bright on T2 MRI Cortex dark on T2 (things that are bright on T2 are bursa, ligament, and tendinitis)
Suspect Instability x-ray flexion/extension
Suspect Osteoid Osteoma Tomogram(looking for nidus)
Appendicitis CBC with diff(looking for shilling shift)
Food poisoning Culture(looking for organism)
Test not used for disc x-ray
Suspected COPD ABG(Arterial Blood Gas)
Suspect mitral valve prolapse ECHO
Visualized Boutonniere Deformity(more than 1 answer) RA and SLE
Pt. is Swollen with LBP Creatinine Clearance
Pt. has LBP. What Blood tests are you going to do? HLA-B27, HCG, Chlamydia
Multiple Myeloma(more than 1 answer) phoretic study (electrophoesis) and ESR
Anemia TIBC(total iron binding capacity)
Suspected Gout Aspiration
Suspected HIV CD4 count is the best
Suspected HPV 16&18(The most common of the high-risk strains of HPV are types 16 and 18, which cause about 70% of all cervical cancers.)
Pale Stool Bilirubin
Suspected Heart problem SGOT& troponin
Suspected Mets Scintigraphy
Suspected Pars Fracture(more than 1 answer) Dynamic x-rays(to see instability), SPECT study(to see hard tissue metabolic activity), and Oblique L/S films(to see the fracture)
Brodie's Abscess(more than 1) CBC w/diff. and Tomography
Suspected Myasthenia gravis(more than 1) Tensilon and Single fiber EMG
Best lab for Suspected Hodgkin's CBC with diff.
Best lab for Suspected Stroke CPK
Best lab for suspected AS FANA
Best lab for suspected Anemia Indices
Best lab for patient who was prescribed coumadin after their surgery? Prothrombin time
Best test for suspected Lytic mets(Biopsy, arteriogram, or x-ray) x-ray
Best test for suspected stroke(CT, Stress, nuclear or nuclear profusion) CT
Best test for 50yo with severe low back pain(PET scan, scintigraphy, or DEXA) Scintigraphy
Best initial test for patient with head trauma? CT
Best initial test(s) for Neck Pain Ortho/Neuro and ROM
Best initial test for indigestion Food History
Patient gets runny eyes & nose after upper cervical adjustment. How do you manage this pt.? (continue adjusting, take full spine radiographs, tell them to take antihistamine) Tell them to take Antihistamines
Best treatment for neck pain what is musculoskeletal in nature?(UV, McKenzie exercises, IFC) IFC
What is your adjustment preference for a 75yo? (full spine, covered thumb aka thumb pisiform, or upper cervical only covered thumb aka thumb pisiform
Best patient position when they have trochanteric bursitis? Involved side up
What do you suspect with a + murphy's punch? uritis
What do you suspect with a + shilling's test? Numb hands
What do you suspect with a decreased chest expansion test B/L Emphysema or COPD
What do you suspect with abdominal pain & flatulence? Appendicitis or Scleroderma
What do you suspect with a - ANA?(scleroderma, RA, Sjogren's or Psoriatic) Psoriatic
What do you suspect with + labs? ( Myofacial Syndrome, fibromyalgia, DISH, or OA) DISH
Lab Least useful for cholecystitis(WBC, bilirubin, stool evaluation or creatinine) creatinine
Lab Least useful for a stroke(MRI, tomography, CPK-BB, or ANA) tomography
Lab Least useful for chronic shoulder pain? arthroscopy, MRI, baby arm or PET scan PET scan
Lab Least useful for neurogenic claudication? SPECT, harvard step test, kemps, or enzyme panel enzyme panel
Lab Least useful for ADI instability? MRI, CT, Dynamic x-ray, or scintigraphy Scintigraphy
Lab Least useful for A.S.? ANA, EST, TIBC, or chest expansion TIBC
Lab Least useful for scleroderma? CBC, Endoscopy, peripheral vascular exam, or FANA CBC
Lab Least useful for Neurofibromatosis? Skin exam, MRI, US, or CT US
Lab Least useful for dizziness? caloric test, maigne, EEG or EKG EKG
Lab Least useful for scheuermann's? MRI, CSF aspiration, x-ray, or ROM CSF aspiration
Lab Least useful for Muscular dystrophy? Enzyme panel, EMG, NCV, or x-ray x-ray
Lab Least useful for syringomyelia? CT, MRI, bone scan, or PET scan PET scan
Lab Least useful for pancoast tumor? scintigraphy, NCV, lymph biopsy or lung biopsy lymph biopsy
Lab Least useful for Nephrolithiasis? helical CT, UA, CBC with diff., or US CBC with diff.
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