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Special Tests

tests ordered for conditions

PNE Condition NCV: for Speed of nerve transmission. EMG: for Muscle reaction Dynamometer: for Muscle strength
CNS condition EMG: for Muscle reaction Dynamometer: for Muscle strength
Nerve, Brain, stroke, joint, healing MRI: for soft tissue(spine/disc) & vascular patterns
IVD/Discopathy MRI: for soft tissue(spine/disc) Discogram: BEST to visualize disc lesion(chiropractors do not order this, other docs order to see disc)
Stenosis, fracture, BLEEDING, LUNG CAT Scan(SPECT): for hard tissue(pars, V.B.)
Nidus, Teratoma, FRACTURES Tomogram(tomography)
Lymph, Breast, & Brain Cancer PET scan: for metabolic activity in soft tissue
Lytic and Blastic Mets Bone Scan: for metabolic activity of Bone
Brain vessels, Stroke, & CVA(apoplexy) Arteriography: to outline arterial supply MRA: for arterial & neuruological tissue
AAA, Pregnancy, DVT & Bladder Diagnostic Ultrasound: for water densities(belly & vessels)
Hodgkin's or Breast cancer Biopsy: for tissue evaluations
Gout Aspiration: for fluid evaluations
Suspect Claudication or CV system problem Stress test: treadmill eval of CV system
Suspect MI EKG/ECG: electrical impulses of the heart
Suspect Heart Valve competence, CHF, or Aortic Arch Aneurysm Echo: Size of heart chambers
Seizures EEG: Electrical impulses in the brain
Suspect Meniere's, Complaints of Vertigo and dizziness Electronystagmography: Electrical Monitor during caloric test
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