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Spinal ligaments

ALL ant. vert. bodies, Sacral promontory to C2 limits ext
Ant. Atlanto Occipital lig Atlas to occiput
PLL post. vert. bodies sacrum to C2 (ant portion of canal) wider in c-spine, thinner in t-spine, thinnest at L5 *thin and weak* prevent hyper flexion
Tectorial membrane PLL from C2 to occiput
Ligamentum Flavum "yellow ligament" lamina to lamina limits flexion and prevents buckling in extension
Capsular ligament articular process to articular process
Inter transverse ligament TVP to TVP limits lateral bending
Interspinous ligament between SP's prevents posterior translation and limits flexion
Supraspinous ligament SP's prevents hyperflexion
Nuchal ligament supraspinouse ligament C7-occiput
transverse ligament holds dens in fovea dentalis of atlas (indent on post. side of ant. tubercle
cruciate ligament C2-occiput, cross shaped, transverse ligament in horizontal portion
alar ligament 'check ligament' sides of dens to occipital condyles. limits rot of C2
apical ligament apex of dens to ant aspect of foramen, limits flex and ext of C2
dentate ligaments 21 ligaments connecting Pia to Dura along spinal cord
Created by: polystachya