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Hormones and glands

Boards Endocrine

hormone infohormone
Adenohypophysis AKA Anterior pituitary
Neurohypophysis AKA Posterior pituitary
Embryology of ant. pituitary Rathke's Pouch (roof of mouth), surface ectoderm
Embryology of post. pituitary Diencephalon - hypothalamus. Derived from neuroectoderm: neural tube (infundibulim hypothalami)
Location of pituitary sella turcica, sphenoid
Ant. pituitary hormones ACTH, GH, TH, LH, FSH, Prolactin, MSH ( secreted from pars intermedia)
Post. pituitary hormones Oxytocin, ADH
Deficient ADH diabetes insipidus
Excess ADH Conn's syndrome
Stimulated by corticotrophin releasing hormone ACTH
Stimulated by gonadotrophin RH FSH, LH
Stimulated by GHRH GH
Stumulated by Thyrotrophin RH TSH
GH AKA somatropin
Excess ACTH Cushing's disease
Decrease ACTH Addison's
Made by corpus luteum and stertoli cells inhibin (which must actively inhibit FSH)
releases primary follicle/month FSH
releases estrogen (proliferative phase) FSH
stimulates spermatogenesis FSH
growth hormone for cartilage somatomedin
GH for bone somatropin
ovulation LH
forms corpus leuteum to make progesterone - secretory phase LH
interstitial cells of leydig produce Testosterone in males LH
Produces milk prolactin
Excess TSH hyperthyroidism, Grave's disease, exopthalmosis
Deficient TSH Hypothyroidism, Cretinism, hashimoto's
Takes Ca2+ out of bone and puts in blood Parathyroid hormone, Parathormone, PTH
Kidney stones, osteopenia, Brown's tumor, Rugger jersey spine, salt ans pepper skull Hyperparathyroidism
Takes Ca2+ from blood and puts into bone. "tones the bone" Calcitonin
Excess Calcitonin Tetany
Aldosterone, mineral corticoid Zona Glomerulosa
Cortisol, Glucocorticoid Zona Fasciculata
sex hormones, androgens Zona Reticularis
XS aldosterone Conn's
thicken's endometrial lining, profliferative phase, peaks day 14 release LH Estrogen
makes progesterone corpus luteum
made by placenta after fertilization HCG
stimulates corpus luteum to make progesterone HCG
thick layer of oocytes zona ellucidum
outside layer of oocyte corona radiata
starts spermatogenesis FSH
matures sperm testosterone
Where sperm is made seminiferous tubules
Where sperm matures epididymis
where sperm is stored Vas Deferens
failure of testes to descend cryptochism
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