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Cold War

Review of Standard 7-5

What is the imaginary political line that divides the communist east from the democratic west in Europe? Iron Curtain
The Cold War was a competition between what two superpowers? USA and USSR
This was the political and economic struggle between the US and the USSR? Cold War
The Cold War followed after this major world war? World War II
The United States favored the spread of this government to land once controlled by the Axis powers? Democracy
The Soviet Union favored the spread of this government to land once controlled by the Axis powers? Communism
This dictator promised to allow free elections to land once controlled by Axis powers, but lied? Joseph Stalin
This word means to stop, or hold back, the spread of communism? containment
President Harry Truman made a speech to stop the spread of communism called? Truman Doctrine
The race to conquer outer space is known as this? Space Race
The USSR put the first satellite in space called this? Sputnik
The US astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldridge were the first to walk on this heavenly body? the Moon
This plan promised to pump billions to stop the spread of communism? Marshall Plan
This event is when the US used planes to drop food and supplies to West Berlin due to a Soviet blockade? Berlin Airlift
This long structure stood for 30 years to prevent citizens from East Berlin from escaping to West Berlin ? Berlin Wall
An organization that protected democratic countries around the world? NATO
An organization that protected communist countries around the world? Warsaw Pact
An international organization that replaced the League of Nations that prevented future world wars was called this? United Nations
Communism is found in this part of Europe? Eastern
Democracy is found in this part of Europe? Western
The UN was designed to prevent this war from occurring? World War III
What country put the first man in space? USSR
This Russian word means "freedom of speech?" Glasnost
This Russian word means "private ownership?" Perestroika
Communism and the Soviet Union collapsed in this year? 1991
This conflict led to a 'stalemate' where the country was left divided at the 38th parallel with a communist north and democratic south? Korean War
This conflict forced American forces to leave due to its unpopularity amongs young Americans and secret advances by the communist Vietcong? Vietnam War
The Chinese civil war was a conflict between the Nationalists and this group? Communists
US spy planes discovered Soviet missiles on this island, which led to a US blockade upon removal? Cuba
This Communist group made an American victory in Vietnam difficult due to their usage of tunnels and sneak attacks in regular clothing? Vietcong
This country outproduced more nuclear weapons than the US during the Cold War? USSR
Created by: jwhite85
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