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Civil Rights

Civil Rights The rights that are guaranteed to all citizens by the constitution.
boycott to abstain (refuse to) from buying or using
unconstitutional unauthorized by or inconsistent with the constitution, as of a country
sit in an organized protest in which a group of people peacefully occupy and refuse to leave an area, such as a restaurant
Freedom riders a group of people both black and white that rode buses into the South for equality for all.
segregation a setting apart or separation of people by color of skin
desegregation the elimination of a setting apart or separation of people by color of skin
Civil Rights Act Congress passed it in 1964 banning segregation in all public places in the U.S.
Voting Rights Act Congress passed it in 1965 protecting the rights of all Americans to vote. (thousands of African Americans were allowed to vote for the 1st time)
What event triggered the Montgomery Bus Boycott? The arrest of Rosa Parks for not giving up her bus seat.
What famous speech was given during the March on Washington? “I Have a Dream”
Which amendment abolished poll taxes? 24th
What type of protests did Martin Luther King, Jr. encourage? peaceful or nonviolent protest
Which president signed the Voting Rights Act and Civil Rights Act? Lyndon B. Johnson
Who is the famous African American lawyer who later became the first African American Supreme Court Justice? Thurgood Marshall
Which famous court case led to desegregation of schools? Brown vs. Board of Education
List three types of nonviolent or peaceful protests: sit in, marches, boycotts
Which amendment gave voting rights to all men? 15th
Which amendment abolished poll taxes? 24th
Which amendment abolished slavery? 13th
Which amendment gave citizenship to anyone born in the U.S. and freed men 14th
What is the common theme that is present in every event during the Civil Rights Movement? Equality for all people
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