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7th Ringcard 34-49

2nd Semester Ringcard Vocab 34-49

Manifest Destiny the view that it was fated that the United States should expand its borders from coast to coast.
Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo ended the dispute between the U.S. and Mexico concerning Texas.
Mexican Cession When Mexico surrendered all territory between western Texas and the Pacific Ocean to the United States.
Compromise of 1850 California admitted to union as Free State, slave trade outlawed in Washington D.C., and fugitive slave law passed – runaway slaves would now have to be legally returned to owners.
TX-New Mexico Act Texas agreed to give up some of its territory for $10 million which created present day borders.
Missouri Compromise of 1820 compromise on slavery in new territory-added Maine as a Free State and Missouri as slave state.
Cash Crop crop raised to sell and not eat.
Famine a severe food shortage
Utopian a perfect place or society.
Invalidated taken away.
Abolitionist someone who wanted to abolish (do away with) slavery.
Emancipation to free someone from someone else’s control or power.
Secession the act of withdrawing from an organization or union.
Juan Cortina a protector of rights of Mexicans and Tejanoes and a hero of many families along the border. Fought on the Mexican side during the Mexican American War.
Census a counting of the population done by the government at regular intervals.
Convention a meeting of delegates of a political party to form policies and select candidates.
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