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Drugs for Biochem 2

Drugs 2 for Biochem Class

Inhibits complex III (Cytochrome c reductase) of the ETC Antimycin A
Inhibits ATP translocase Aphidicolin
Prevents ATP production by phosphoglycerate kinase Arsenate
Irreversible inhibitor of COX-1 Aspirin
Inhibits CPSII, CTP synthetase and PRPP amidotransferase Azaserine
Inhibits carbamoyl phosphate synthetase II Azaserine
Chain terminators to inhibit viral DNA repliation AZT and didanosine
Inhibits Complex IV (Cytochrome oxidase) of the ETC Cyanide, CO, Azide (N3)
Inhibits Na+/K+-ATPase Digoxin
Covalently modifies eEF2, inactivates it and inhibits translation Diptheria toxin
Inhibits Type II topoisomerase in humans Etoposide
Inhibits enolase Flourine
Suicide inhibitor of thymidylate synthase Fluorouracil
Inhibits thymidylate synthase Fluorouracil
An anticancer drug that is a suicide inhibitor of thymidylate synthetase Fluorouracil
This anticancer drug inactivates thymidylate synthetase and therefore inhibits DNA synthesis. Fluorouracil
Effective in the treatment of DVT because it acts to inhibit the activity of thrombin Heparin
Used in the treatment of tuberculosis, this reacts with pyridoxal leading to a B6 deficiency Isoniazid
Inhibits de novo synthesis of purines, thereby inhibitin DNA synthesis. Mercaptopurine
Inhibits aspartate transcarbamoylase (the pyrimidine biosynthetic enzyme) and prevents DNA replication N-phosphonacetyl-L-aspartate) PALA
Irreversible inhibitor of transpeptidase involved in cell wall synthesis Penicillin
These three enzymes inhibit DNA gyrase and prevent the growth of E. coli Quinolones, nalidixic acid and ciprofloxacin
Hydrolyzes 28S RNA and inactivates ribosomes Ricin
Ligand for estrogen receptor Tamoxifen
Vitamin K analog that inhibits the regeneration of Vitamin K Warfarin (Coumadin)
Antibacterial agents which competitively inhibit digydropteroate synthase Sulfonamides
Inhibits dihydrofolate recuctase (DHFR) Trimethoprim
Inhibits ATP Synthase Oligomyacin
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