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Hungarian List 6

Hungarian list containing grammar, verbs, and vocabulary-6

kérem szépen politely asking please could I/could you...
venni to buy
annak to that, for that, of that (dative -nak)
ennek to this, for this, of this (dative -nek)
igazán really
elvinni to carry, to take away (something not heavy, in your hands only, and elvinni has an end)
vinni to take (an ongoing action and happening now)
rendes fair, decent, right, fine, ordinary
széles wide
keskeny narrow
érdemes worth while
beváltani to cash
szeretni to like
eladni to sell
mindig always
fel up
patak creek, stream, brook
folyó river
tó, tavat lake
öltöny suit (clothes)
körülbelül about, around, ca, circa
főnök chief, boss, principal
vezető leader
osztályvezető department head
késziteni to prepare (like cooking or preparing food)
már already
hűvös cool (temperature)
külföldön abroad
hogyne, persze, természetesen of course, term... is a little more sophisticated, hogyne is very informal, persze is colloquial
azon on that
oldal side, page
mély deep
sekély shallow
ebben on, in this (used for months and years, not days)
abban on, in that (used for months and years, not days)
kiadó for rent
vagy...vagy either...or
menjen go (command)
belváros downtown
külváros suburb
közben during, meanwhile, in the meantime
megnézni to look at, to inspect, to examine
cím address
ki out
onnan from there
innen from here
kilátás view, sight
még yet, still
soha, sohasem never
mióta since when
Created by: ezuelke
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