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5th_SS_Chapt 8

5th grade Chapter 8 Test Review

True or False The Proclamation of 1763 said that all of the land west of the Rocky Mountains belonged to the Native Americans and the colonists had to leave. True
True or False After the Stamp Act (a tax on paper documents) colonists cried "No taxation without representation" because they did not have someone represent them in the British Parliament when this tax was decided. True
True or False The Boston Massacre resulted in 5 British soldiers being killed after an angry crowd of colonists became aggressive with them. False
True or False Patrick Henry was accused of treason for speaking out against the British King and Parliament. True
True or False Paul Revere made a picture representing the Boston Tea Party that got colonists angry at the British and their treatment of the colonists. He also warned those in Lexington and Concord that the British were coming. False
This group helped the boycott of British goods by weaving cloth and making tea. Daughters of Liberty
To protest the tea act, the Sons of Liberty threw British tea into the Boston Harbor. What was this event called? The Boston Tea Party
Which meeting of delegates took place in 1774 and it was there that trade would stop with Britain, the colonists would form militias, and a petition was sent to King George III reminding him of the colonists rights as British citizens? First Continental Congress
What two towns were battles fought that marked the beginning of the Revolutionary war? Lexington and Concord
Which meeting of delegates resulted in decisions made that included the forming of the Continental Army, and George Washington being appointed commander-in-chief of this army? Second Continental Congress
Which battle was won by the British, but proved that colonists were going to put up a fight? Battle of Bunker Hill
Which petition was sent to King George II asking for peace? Olive Branch Petition
What the name of the pamphlet written by Thomas Paine that called for a resolution of independence and made many of the colonists call for independence? Common Sense
Who was the main author of the Declaration of Independence? Thomas Jefferson
The Declaration of Independence states that all people have certain _______ that cant be taken away. rights
The Declaration of Independence lists the colonists _________________ against the King of England. grievances
The Declaration of Independence stated that the colonies were free and ___________________ states. independant
What was the name of the first constitution that was written after the Declaration of Independence? The Articles of Confederation?
A formal agreement among groups or individuals. alliance
A representative delegate
The lawmaking branch of the British government. parliament
A public announcement proclamation
A plan for spending money budget
Having someone speak or act for you representation
The act of working against one's own government treason
A formal meeting of representatives congress
To refuse to buy goods or services. boycott
To cancel, or undo a law repeal
Laws and orders issued by the British government imperial policy
To work against or object to a certain policy. protest
The complete control of a product or good by one person or group. monopoly
To use warships to prevent other ships from entering or leaving a harbor blockade
To provide or pay for housing. quarter
A signed request made to an official person or organization. petition
Members of the Massachusetts colony militia minutemen
A sudden, complete change, such as an overthrow of an established government revolution
A person who is control of all the armed forces of a nation commander in chief
A wall made of earth and stone earthwork
An ancient symbol of peace olive branch
The freedom to govern on one's own independence
A formal group statement resolution
An official statement declaration
An introduction; first part preamble
A complaint grievance
The British win the French and Indian war and claim nearly all of France's land in North America 1st in chronological order
British Parliament passes taxes such as the Sugar Act and the Stamp Act 2nd in chronological order
Colonists begin to cry, "No taxation without representation!" 3rd in chronological order
Created by: Mrs.Knittel
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