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Article Two

Article 2

Article 2= _______ Branch; this branch of government ______/_______ ___ the laws Executive Enforces/carries out
The Executive branch is headed up the U.S. _______ and the U.S. ____-_______. President Vice-President
The term of office the U.S. President and U.S. Vice President are equivalent to _ years. What highest # of terms that any one president can serve? 4 years 2 terms (i.e. 8 years)
The U.S President is elected indirectly by the _____ ______/_____ of the US. Directly elected by the ______ of US American Citizens/people Electoral college (i.e. Presidential Electors)
Each state appoints a # of ____________ _______ that is _____ to the ____ _______ of Senators and U.S. House of Representatives Presidential electors equal total number
The original method for electing for the president and V-P listed the candidates on the same ______; the candidate with the highest votes was declared the _________; the candidate with the 2nd highest votes was declared the _____-__________. ballot President Vice-president
During the Predential election of ____, the top 2 candidates received the _____ # of _____ requiring the US _____ __ ____________ to vote to determ the US ________ and the US __-_____. The __ Amend to the US ____ was added to prevent this situan from ___ 1800, same,votes,HOR, Pres,VPres,12th,Constitution, reacurring
The date for the US Presidential Elections has been established as the first _______ following the first ______ in the month of ___________. Tuesday,Monday,November
The qualification for a US Pres; ______-_____ years of age;_______ of the US for at least __ years; and a ______-born citizen thirty-five resident, 14 natural
Should the pres ___,_____;become mentally or physically incapacitated, or is ______ from office by ______, the ____-_______ becomes Pres die,resign,removed,Congress, Vicepresident
What is the language of discipline when there is an opening in the executive branch _______ vacancies
The current salary of us pres is $___,____ a year including an annual expense allowance of $__,____; the us vice-pres is currently paid $___,___ a year 400,000 50,000 230,700
Us Pres is required to take an ____ of ______ upon being _________ In most cases, the _____ of ______ is administrated by the ____ Justice of the US _______ Court Oath of Office administrated (elected) oath of office chief supreme
Oath of Office; I do _____ _____ that i will _________ execute the Office of ________ of the United States, and i will to the ____ of __ ______, ______,______, and ______ the _________ of the US solemnly swear, faithfully President,best, my, Ability, preserve, protect, defend, the Constitution,
The President shall be the _______ in _____ of the ____ and _____ Commander, Chief, Army, Navy
The Pres has the power to make ____ provided that _/_'s of US ______ _______ Treaties, 2/3, Senators, cocur (agree)
The name of the US pres's advisory body is called the Pres ________ Cabinet
Each cabinet member is ________ by the ________ and must be _______ by the US ______. appointed, President, confirmed, Senate
Name 3 different titles of the positions of the President's Cabinet Vice-President Department of State Department of Treasury Defense of Justice Department of Housing Secretary of Agriculture
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