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Part 2 Boards

Most Common List

Most Common benign skeletal tumor Osetochondroma
Most Common benign tumor of the spine Hemangioma
Most Common primary benign tumor of the ribs Fibrous Dysplasia (Monostatic)
Most Common primary benign tumor of the hand Enchondroma
Most common primary malignant tumor MM
Second most common primary malignant tumor Osteosacrcoma
Third most common primary malignant tumor Chondrosacrcoma
Fourth most common primary malignant tumor Ewings Sarcoma
Most common benign tumor of the sacrum Giant Cell Carcinoma
Most common malignant tumor of the skeleton Lytic Mets
Only primary malignant tumor to cross the intervertebral disc Chordoma
Benign tumor that cross's epiphyseal plate ABC
Only true Epiphyseal tumor? Chondroblastoma
Most common neoplastic cause of scoliosis Osteoblastoma and osteoid osteoma
Most common cause for missing pedicle Osetolytic Mets
Most common causes for ivory vertebrae Hodgkins, Osetoblastic Mets, Pagets
Most common cause for blow-out mets Renal and Thyroid
Most common cause for acral mets Renal and Lung
Most common case for distal extremity mets Bronchogenis carcinoma
Most common abdominal neoplasm in children Neuroblastoma
Most common sites for spine for mets Bodies and pedicles
Most common sites for MM Spine (T10-L5)
Most common site for extramedullary plasmacytoma nasopharynx
Most common affected joints in OS Knee and Shoulder
Most common complication of cannonball mets Spontaneous Pneumothorax
Most common sit for chondrosarcoma Pelvis and Prox. Femur
Most common primary malignant tumor of the hand chondrosarcoma
Most common involved bone in Ewing's Sarcoma Femur
Most common primary malignant bone tumor to mets to bone Ewings Sarcoma
Only primary malignant bone tumor simulating infection Ewings Sarcoma
Most common vertebral body involved in chordoma C2
Most common primary malignant bone tumor associated with path fracture Non-hodgkins Lymphoma
Most common neoplasm of patella Giant Cell
Most common location for osteochondroma Knee (Tibia and Femur)
Most common tumor presenting with coat-hanger exostosis Osteochondroma
Most common tumor presenting with bayonet hand deformity HME
Most common location for skull for hemangioma Frontal Bone
Only location in which bone islands don't occur Skull
Most common path features of osteoid osteoma nidus with reactive sclerosis
Most common bone lesions alleviated by aspirin Osteoid osteoma and Broadies abscess
Most common location of Ollier's Disease hands and feet
Most common bone lesion associated with fallen fragment sign Simple Bone Cyst
Most common benign tumor of clavicle ABC
Most common malignant change from enchondroma Chondrosarcoma
Simple bone cyst occurs where? Humerus and Calcaneus
Corduroy cloth appearance and radiating spike in skull Hemangioma
Beveled edge in skull apperance Eosilophilic Granuloma
Missing pedicle DDX's Agenesis, Lytic Mets, Osteoblastoma, ABC, Neurofribroma (ALOAN)
Vertebral plana DDX's Mets/MM, Eosinophilic Granuloma, Lymphoma, Tumors/TB (MELT)
Ivory Vertebra DDX's Ivory Vertebra, Hodgkins, Osetoblastic Mets, Pagets (IHOP)
Soap Bubbly Tumors Fib. Dysplasia, Osetoblastoma, GCT, Mets/MM, ABC, Chondroblastoma, hyperthyroidism(Brown tumor), Infection(Broadies Abcess), NOF, Enchondroma, Simple Cyst
Kienbock's AVN of Lunate
Hass AVN of Humeral Head
Preiser's AVN of Scaphoid (Prox Pole)
Blounts AVN of Medial Tibia
Legg-Calve's Perthes AVN of Prox Femur
Osteochondritis Dissecans AVN of lateral part of medial femoral condyle
Scheuermanns AVN of Vertebral End Plates
Kohler's AVN of Tarsal Navicular
Sever;s AVN of Calcaneus
Freibergs AVN of head of 2nd or 34d metatarsal
Panners AVN of Capitellum
Axial compression fracture that affects lateral masses Jefferson burst fracture
Fracture of distal radius with posterior (dorsal) displacement of the fragment Colle's
Fracture of the distal radius with anterior (Ventral) displacement of the fragment Smith
Posterior arch fracture in horizontal plane Seat belt or chance fracture
Tarsometatarsal dislocation from being stepped on Lisfranc Fracture
Bilateral pars fracture from hyperextension Hangmen Fracture
Hyperextension, anterior body fracture Teardrop Fracture
Avulsion fracature of the SP due to hyperflexion injury Clay Shovelers
Comminuted fracture from axial compressioin, unstable Burst
Fracture of iliac crest Duverney
Obturator foramen and SI on opposite side Bucket handle
Ob. Foramen fracture and SI on same side Malgaine
Bilateral obrturator foramen fracturer Saddle Fracture
Fracture of the 1st metacarpal Bennett's
Fracture of the 2nd or 3rd metacarpal Boxer's
Fracture of the 4th or 5th Metacarpal Bar Room
Fracture of the proximal ulna Nightstick
Impact fracture of the humeral head Hill-Sach Fracture
Fracture of the glenoid Bankart
Avulsion of greater tuberosity Flap Fracture
Fracture of proximal fibula secondary to ankle sprain Maissoneuve
Stress fracture of the 2nd, 3rd or 4th MT March Fx
Transverse fracture at the proximal fifth metatarsal Jones
Ulna fracture and dislocation of proximal radius Monteggia Fracture
Radial fracture and dislocation of distal ulna Galleazzi
Type 1 Spondy Dysplastic/Congenital
Type 2 Spondy Isthmic/Pars Fx, MC at L5
Type 3 Spondy DJD of the facet joint, MC at L4
Type 4 Spondy Fracture of pedicle and not at the Pars
Type 5 Spondy Pathological
Type 6 Spondy Latrogenic
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