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Ch. 7 Test

Study Cards for Ch. 7 test retake

What allowed Henry Ford's Model T to be sold for less than half the cost of other cars? He created the assembly line
Name three ways in which the automobile changed life in the United States. They made transportation easier, people could live farther from where they worked, and they created new jobs
Why were dramatic dramas named "soap operas"? They were nicknamed that because soap companies paid for most of them
Why did Prohibition fail? It failed because there were too many people who weren't following the law, known as "bootleggers".
Which musician recorded "St. Louis Blues" with Bessie Smith? Louis Armstrong
Which Harlem Renaissance figure created several series of paintings that showed African American life and history? Jacob Lawrence
How did mass media help make athletes popular in the 1920s? It made their achievements spread much faster, on the radio.
How did working life change for women in the 1920s? They had many new job opportunities, such as working in factories.
Describe the economy in the 1920s. The government encouraged spending, people wanted to buy new technology, and people took out loans that they couldn't pay back.
Give three causes of the Great Depression. Credit caused banks to close, there were high tariffs, and the stock market crashed.
Describe a way in which the Great Depression affected the lives of many Americans. People cut back on spending, which made them lose jobs.
Which New Deal program provided monthly payments on the elderly, disabled, and unemployed? The Social Security Board (SSB)
What was an effect of the dust bowl? Farmers had to move because they couldn't get profit.
Which new form of entertainment in the 1930s included characters such as Superman and Batman? Comic books
What were some of the effects of the Eighteenth Amendment? It mad people oppose the law, the alcohol abuse level fell, and bootleggers took over the alcoholic industry.
How did Franklin D. Roosevelt try to help the country through the Great Depression? He created the New Deal programs, which were focused on relief, recovery, and reform. Relief helped people right away, recovery tried to help the economy, and reform made sure the conditions that started the Great Depression never happened again.
What caused the Dust Bowl? A drought and windy conditions.
Created by: jlallier3