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S.S Exam: Dates

Stack #187042

June 21,1788 The consitution was ratified by 12 of the 13 states.
December 24,1814 Treaty of Ghent
January 8,1815 Battle of New Orleans
April 1814 Burning of Washington D.C;Fort McHenry
September 10,1813 Battle of Lake Erie
November 7,1811 Battle of Tippecanoe
1809 Repeal of the Embargo Act
1807 Embargo Act
1805 Lewis and Clark reach the Pacific Ocean
1803 Louisiana Purchase
1800 Thomas Jefferson elected
1796 John Adams elected president
October 1794 Pinckney's Treaty
August 1795 Treaty of Greenville
November 1794 Jay's Treaty
August 20,1794 Battle of Fallen Timbers
1794 Whiskey Rebellion
April 22,1793 Neutrality Proclamation
July 14,1789 Storming of the Bastille; French Revolution begins
1992 Pyments to congrees explained
1971 18 yr. olds given right to vote
1961 Washington D.C. votes for president
1933 Repeal of Probition
1920 Women granted right to vote
1919 Phrobition
1913 Graduated income tax
1868 Rights of citizenship
1865 Slavery abolished
1791 first 10 amendments
May 1787 55 delegates met in Phildelphia to revise the articles of confederation
1787 The Bill of Right added to the Consituition
November 15, 1777 The articles of Confederation, the plan of governmentfor the new United States
Created by: Tigerpawna