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South East Asia

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Which 4 things help a country's GDP? capitol goods, Entreprenuership, human capitol, natural resources.
This would be a __________ ___________ if the leader is a prime minister. parliamentary democracy
_______ _________ is when a group of people rule a country based on a religion. Oligarchic Theocracy
A loose alliance of units (there is none in the world at the moment). Confederation
An Indian lawyer who is known for his non-violent marches against the British government. Mahatma Ghandi
The three main environmental issues that the people of China and India face are... water pollution, air pollution, and flooding.
_________ __________ is a type of government in which the president is the leader. Presidential democracy
The largest and North eastern part of China. Gobi desert
The smallest desert China, located in the north western part of China. Taklimakan desert
How would you describe Buddhism? Buddha "the enlightened one" started the trpitaka (sacred text) in India an believe in reincarnation
How would you describe Hinduism? Made after the Aryan (though not started by them) in India. The sacred text is The Vedas and is still found in India (only in there).
How would you describe Shintoism? Made by the Japanese and is still in Japan and follows the golden rule.