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Chapter 11 Quiz

Study Stack for Chapter qq

New machines, technology and the cotton gin were at the heart of what Revolution? Industrial
The National Road connected Ohio with the East
The cotton gin helped increase ________ production cotton
The Monroe Doctrine called for a stop to _________ colonization of the Americas European
To help the economy in each section of the country, Henry Clay created the American System
This canal was 363 miles long Erie
Because of regional differences, what ended? the period of national harmony
Corduroy roads were roads consisting of ? logs
The system of interchangable parts was developed by Eli Whitney
This person was nicknamed the "Great Compromiser" Henry Clay
Robert Fulton designed the Clermont
Name of the Compromise that kept balance of power in the Senate Missouri
A census is official count of population
Internal improvements were the buildings of bridges, canals and roads
This treaty gave control of Florida to the US Adams-Onis Treaty
Loyalty to a region sectionalism
The Era of Good Feelings describe the years following The War of 1812
The Spanish officials decided to cede what state to the United States after they could not hold against the Americans Florida
American banks began to grow after the formation of? The 2nd National Bank
John Marshall was The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court
Eli Whitney invented this machine that led to the need for more slaves Cotton Gin
"Lowell girls" was the nickname for? Factory workers
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