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Histology-Fem Repro

Histology-Female Reproductive-WVSOM Class of 2012

2 functions of ovaries? steroidogenesis and gametogenesis
first layer of ovary from outside in? what kind of epithelium? germinal epithelium; simple cuboidal
what is capsular layer of ovary? what kind of epithelium? tunica albuginea; dense irregular connective tissue
in which follicle does the zona pellucida first appear? primary follicle
after the first layer of cuboidal cells appears around the oocyte, what are the subsequent layers of cells referred to as? when do they start to proliferate? granulosa cells; after the primary follicle
stromal cells that are recruited to the granulosal cells are referred to as what? theca folliculi
granulosa cells that surround the oocyte are what? corona radiata
what do the theca interna secrete? estrogen
what is the liquor folliculi? goop in the antrum in the mature follicle
how long does corpus luteum remain after ovulation? 12 days
what is the corpus luteum made from? what do these secrete? granulosa luteum and theca luteum; progesterone and estrogen
what does progesterone inhibit? fsh
aside from collagen, what other cell is seen in the corpus albicans? fibroblasts
what are the two cells in the oviduct? what are their functions? peg cells and ciliated cells; nourishment of oocyte, movement of oocyte down the oviduct
what are the two layers of the endometrium? superficial functional and deeper basal layers
what does the deep basal layer do? provides source for endometrial growth after sloughing off
where are the coiled arteries located? straight arteries? functional layer; deep basal layer
what is the other name for the proliferative phase? follicular phase
what is the other name for the secretory phase? luteal phase
what happens 1 day after lh spike? ovulation
what do nabothian cysts come from? blocked ducts due to cervical gland edema (secretory back up)
during ovulation, what happens to cervical glands? why? becomes watery to allow sperm entry
what are the 3 layers of vagina? stratified squamous, glandless mucosa, and skeletal muscle
in active breast tissue, there are 2 dozen what? tubuloalveolar glands
flow of breast milk from inside out? tubuloalveolar glands->lactiferous duct->lactiferous sinus->nipple
Created by: mhassan