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Histology-Male Repro

Histology-Male Reproductive-WVSOM Class of 2012

what is the thick, fibrous connective tissue capsule of the testes? tunica albuginea
compartments of testes have how many seminiferous tubules each? 1-4
where are leydig cells and what do they make? interstitial space; testosterone
germinal epithelium generally has about how many layers? 4-8
what do sertoli cells do? work to protect against antibodies in the blood-testis barrier
order from basement membrane to lumen for sperm? spermatogonia->primary spermatocyte->secondary spermatocyte->spermatids->spermatozoa
how can you identify primary spermatocytes? you can see the heterochromatin
sertoli cells have what hormone receptors? fsh
Tall columnar cell - pale, oval, large nucleolus. Non-replicating. Well developed sER & rER, many mitochondria & extensive Golgi are what cells? sertoli cells
what stimulates leydig cells to secrete testosterone? lh
order of sperm from seminiferous tubule to outside world? seminiferous tubule->rete testis->efferent ductules->epididymis->ductus deferens->urethra
rete testis is what epithelium? simple cuboidal (duct)
function of efferent ductules? resorbs fluid from semen
efferent ductules epithelium? interesting morphology? cuboidal/ciliated columnar; has circular layer of smooth muscle
what is the epithelium of the epididymis? pseudostratified columnar epithelium with stereocilia
what is epithelium of ductus deferens? interesting morphology? pseudostratified columnar epithelium; 3 layers of muscle
what do seminal vesicles provide? fructose
which layer of the penis has irregular vascular spaces? corpus cavernosum
cavernosum or spongiosum is dorsal side? cavernosum
what is the difference in the prostatic and penile urethra? prostatic is transitional; penile is pseudostratified columnar to stratified squamous
Created by: mhassan