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Executive Branch

the leader of the cabinet department Secretary
document between two countries (peace, negotiation) treaty
when you forgive somebody from a crime pardon
35 years old, natural born citizen, lives in US 14 years prior qualifications of a president
30 years old, VA and US citizen, registered voter in VA 5 years prior to election qualifications of a governor
Which article of the US Constitution definers the duty of the Executive Branch? 2
What is the duty of the Executive Branch? Enforce Laws
Which Amendment set the 2 term limit for presidents AND why that limit was set? 22nd Amendment-we didn't want our President to become too powerful. We wanted a change to mix things up and bring new ideas.
How many roles does the President have? 7
helps his political party with fundraising, helping get people elected Chief of Party
represents the U.S. in ceremonial ways Chief of State/Citizen
leader of the U.S. military. Makes all military decisions. Commander in Chief
the "boss" of all the members of the Cabinet , White House staff and executive branch Chief Executive
approves/vetos bills, proposes ideas to Congress Chief Legislator
appoints Supreme Court, federal judges, grants pardons Judicial Leader
creates peace, treaties with other countries. Appoints ambassadors to other countries. Chief Diplomat
How many presidents have we had in the United States as of today? 45
What are the powers of the President and VA's governor? Enforce laws, appoints Cabinet members, appoints justices, grants pardons, approves/vetos bills
What cabinet department protects farming Department of Agriculture
What cabinet department protects well being of the people Department of Health
Which cabinet department: protects the interests of US workers? Department of Labor
Which cabinet department: is in charge of benefits for former soldiers and their families? Department of Veteran Affairs
Which cabinet department: encourages and regulates businesses and trade? Department of commerce
Which cabinet department: works to keep our country safe from the threats it faces? Department of homeland security
What cabinet department handles foreign relations Department of state
What cabinet department handles policy and use of energy Department of energy
What cabinet department is in charge of public schools and policy funding Department of education
What cabinet department is in charge of federal land, parks, and native americans Department of interior
Which cabinet department: works to establish better and safer ways to travel? Department of transportation
Which cabinet department: manages our country's money supply? Department of treasury
Which cabinet department: enforces laws to protect people from criminals? Department of justice
Which cabinet department: is in charge of the armed forces? Department of defense
Which cabinet department focuses on the nation's housing needs Department of housing
Name three regulatory agencies Bureau of alcohol, tobacco, and firearms, federal aviation administrations, and food and drug administration
How long is the Governor's term? four years
All powers of the state and local executive branch are stated in the __________. The Virginia Constitution
Can a governor serve consecutive terms no
How old do you need to be to run for governor? 30
How long do you need to be registered to vote in Virginia to run for governor? at least 5 years
Who takes over for the governor and is leader of the Virginia State Senate Lt. Governor
Who represents the state of Virginia in court, serves a four year term, and provide opinions on state laws if needed Attorney General
Who is the leader of the local executive in a county? County Administrator
Who is leader of the local executive for a city or a town? Mayor
Who appoints the county Administrator? Board of Supervisors
In which city does the Virginia Government meet? Richmond
What is the order of succession of the president? Vice president, Speaker of the House, President Pro Tempor of the Senate, Cabinet Secretaries.
What is the maximum amount of years the president can serve 8 years
What role does the president have when making an executive order Chief Executive
Who approves the president's budget The house of representatives and senate
President Trump is the Chief of Party for which party Republican
What is the job of the vice president serve as the leader of the U.S Senate and advise the President when needed
VA Cabinet departments and regulatory agencies in the state of Virginia do all of the following Administer and enforce laws in Virginia, Provide services to citizens of Virginia, Regulate aspects of business and the economy in Virginia
Who is the current Governor of Virginia? Ralph Northam
If something happens to the Governor and he/she is unable to do the job, then the _______________ would take over and replace him/her as Governor. Lieutenant Governor
How does Chesterfield County's County Administrator get his job? The Board of Supervisors hire him
What does the term "bipartisan" mean? political parties working together
How does the sheriff, commissioner of revenue, and treasurer get their job? elected
Created by: andrea_tavenner
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