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3rd Nine Weeks Exam

What is the large Chinese desert in the upper right corner of China Going into Mongolia? Gobi Desert
What is the largest country in Southern Eastern Asia? China
When the "Legislature of law making" chooses the prome minister is called a what? Parlimental Democracy
A rare type of government with a loose alliance of countrys is called a what? Confederate
A person who makes a risk to start a buisness is called a what? An Entrepenure
What is the philosophy founded in China is based off of one man's ideas of structure of all relationships? Confucuism
Who was the Indian lawyer who led an non-violent demostrations and marches in the then British colont of India? Muhhamd Gandhi
Which country is the one that has the Mekong River emptying into the South China Sea and who the US has fought against? Vietnam
This Religion has many holy text, serveral Gods worshipped, a caste system depending where you were born and reincarnation. Hinduism
Siddhartha Gautama founded this religion, this religion includes incarnation but has meditating for enlightment. Buddihism
Due to the high amount of cars, factories, and poor sanitizing factories in India it has resulted in High Pollution
What is the smaller desert in the upper left corner of China? Tallakinaki
The large Chinese desert in the upper right corner of China is called? The Gobi
What is the highest mountains in the world seperating China and India The Himmalayan
What is the largest country in southern eastern Asia China
What country south of China that remains communist and borders the South China Sea? Vietnam
What is the name of the 16,000 islands above Austarlia? Indonisia
What is the name of the 5 big volcanic islands and 6,000 tiny ones surrounding it under Russia and next to the Korean Peninsula Japan
What is the name of the Peninsula that is made of North and South Korea Korean Peninsula
What is the name of the bay that is located next to India Bay Of Bengal
Where is the rich farmlands that grows 90% of Asia's rice is grown? Southern Eastern Asia
One of the most crowded city's in the world is Tokyo, where is Tokyo located? Japan
North Korea earns profit from mining what? Coal
Created by: Stanley Nguyen
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