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Stack #186829

Iraq Baghdad. Saddam Hussein was president. home to the ancient civilizations of mesopotamia. Invaded Iran in the 80s and Kuwait in the 90s. the later invasion brought on a U.S led response called operation desert storm
Iran Tehran. This country was formerly known as Persia and access to the caspian sea supports an important caviar industry. religious conservations led by the Ayatollah Khomeini came to power and governed this country under islamic law in 1979
Bahrain Manama. Largest island of 33 island archipelago in the persian gulf. its money comes from huge oil reserves and by refining saudi Arabia oil in huge facilities. it has become a middle eastern banking and financing center for international corporations
Kuwait Kuwait City. This small country has 15-20% of the worlds oil reserves, the citizens are fairly wealthy, they were invaded by Iraq in 1990
Oman Muscat. This is an ancient seafaring. a detached tip of land stretches into the strait of Hormuz. a network of underground canals provides much needed water to this country
Yemen Sana. This country's importance in trade between Africa and Asia dates back to biblical times. There best known export is coffee. it is named after one of its ports known as Mocha
Afghanistan Kabul. For most of the 80s this country was engaged in a war with the Soviet Union. Was ruled by the Taliban during the 1990's. Osama bin Laden is believed to be living in this countries mountain ranges
Pakistan Islamabad. This country was created as a homeland for Muslim minorities living in India. It is dependent on the Indus river and its six major tributaries for water
United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi. When British withdrew in 1971 as the protector and foreign advisor of the Trucial states a group of 7 independent groups banded together to form a federation Abu Dhabi is the largest Emirate and the wealthiest state in the world
Saudi Arabia Riyadh. This country occupies most of the Arabian peninsula and is the leading exporter of oil in the world.
Turkey Ankara. This country sits on two peninsulas each on a different continent. it is an area that at one time was controlled by the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires. The Tigris and Euphrates Rivers originated here. Mt. Ararat is located in this country
Syria Damascus. This country was the trade center of the Caravan routes that linked the continents of Europe, Asia and Africa, Damascus is most likely the worlds oldest continuously inhabited city
Lebanon Beirut. Prior to the 1970's this was a beautiful country and very prosperous. Civil war wreaked havoc in the 80's. This country has the largest christian majority in the Arab world
Jordan Amman. This nation has no historic bases- it was created as a part of the breakup of the Ottoman empire after WWI, about 1/4 of the population was lost to Israel in the six day war of 1967
Israel Jerusalem. The original inhabitants of this country were exiled over 2,000 years ago. After WWII this country's boundaries were created to form a homeland for them, but the palestinians objected to this creation
Cyprus Nicosia. The british empire granted this country independence in 1960. its name means copper in greek. but agriculture is the main industry on this rugged land.
Austria Vienna. This country is dominated by the Alps which occupy almost 70% of the nation. served as a buffer between east and west after WWII. before the war it was the cultural, educational, scientific, and medical center of the Europe
Belgium Brussels. This country's largest city has been the facto capital of western Europe since WWII. steel is the largest industry, headquarters of the European Union
Denmark Copenhagen. This country enjoys a very high standard of living. farmers must have license examinations, major exporter of house wares and furniture. only border is shared with germany. contains 500 islands. owns greenland
France Paris. Largest country is western europe. it has become the European leader in high technology. and is the worlds largest producer of nuclear power plants
Finland Helsinki. This country is densely forested, economy emphasizes timber and paper products, including the worlds largest plywood industry. one of the worlds highest rates of industrial growth. are descendants of Asia settlers
Germany Berlin. Its population is the largest in Europe outside of Russia, it is famous for having its capital city divided between east and west after WWII, The Rhine Valley is known for its vineyards and castles
Greece Athens. This country contains the island of Crete, its largest island. The Olympics originated here. operates the worlds largest merchant fleet. southern tip is called the peloponnesus
Ireland Dublin. Known as the Emerald Isle this country has recently had an economic boom in high tech investments. peat is the nations primary fuel. people have strong oral and literary traditions
Italy Rome. Home of the Po Valley- the richest industrial and agricultural region in southern Europe. is the worlds 5th largest industrial power. Sicily is the largest island. Mt. Etna is Europe's tallest active volcano
Netherlands Amsterdam. Before Belgium and Luxembourg gained their independence they were a part of this nation. the name mean low country's, also referred to as holland, contains the worlds busiest seaport.
Norway Oslo. This Northernmost scandinavian country. contains 100,000 islands, beautiful Fjords. fishing has been replaced by oil and natural gas as the country's main industries, has the largest amount of hydroelectricity per capita in the world
Spain Madrid. This country has developed a unique blend of western and moorish cultures. at the southern tip is the rock of Gibraltar, which is controlled by the british, located on the Iberian peninsula
Sweden Stockholm. Sometimes known as the land of the middle way. citizens enjoy a wide range of social benefits. over half of the nation is covered with forests. has avoided all of the major wars of the 20th century
Switzerland Home to the Matterhorn, one of the worlds most striking mountain peeks. reputation of being neutral, joined the UN in 2002
United Kingdom London. Its empire until recently governed nearly 1/4th of the globe, the industrial revolution began in its major city. the discovery of oil in the north sea reversed the decline of its economy in the 1970's
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