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Russian Revolution

review cards

How was Czar's rule abusive and cruel? Had secret police, spies, censorship and opponents sent to Siberia.
How did Czar attack ethnic minorities? Made Russia into one languafe
Stalin Became dictator of USSR after Lenin's death. Created 5 Year Plan to industrialize USSR. Executed millions who didn't follow him.
Lenin Helped overthrow the Czar and withdraw Russia from WWI
Bolsheviks Rightful followers of Marx. Eventually changed their name to communists. Used phrase "peace, land, bread"
What were causes of the revolution? Czars rule was abusive and cruel, Czar attacks ethnic minorities and Czar was undemocratic.
Russo- Japanese War Russia looses to Japan.
Bloody Sunday 200,000 workers go on strike. Command better working conditions and freedom. Results in nationwide strike and Czar is forced to promise freedom.
WWI As many Russians die, Czar is blamed. People grew tired of war and Bolsheviks took advantage.
Karl Marx Father of communism, wrote Communist Manifesto in 1940's
What caused downfall of the Czar? Russo- Japanese War, Bloody Sunday, WWI
5 Year Plan Stalin hoped to industrialize Russia in 5 years. Focused on steel, mining, power plants, transportation, military equipment.
Collectivization As Stalin needed to increase food production,he ha to combine small farms to gov. owned farms and peasants refused to give up their farms.
Class Struggle Haves: Bourgeoisie- business Have Not's: factory workers and peasants
Workers of the World Unite Goal is to improve the lives of peasants and factory workers.
Created by: VictorAdame