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EOC Cold War Review

What did the Berlin Wall symbolize ? The iron curtain and the separation of democracy from communism
How did we stop the U.S.S.R from attacking the U.S.A.? We threatened to nuke them if they attacked us.
Who did President Eisenhower give control over foreign policy? John Foster Dulles
What did President Truman and MacArthur disagree about? Over the issue of invading China and using the bomb.
What did President Truman refuse to recognize? The Communist government of China.
Who was charged with selling national secrets to the Soviet Union? Julius & Ethel Rosenburg
Why was the 1950's a time of recovery and economic growth? Millions of veterans came home from the war (GI Bill, and housing boom)
What did MacArthur wanted to do what? to liberate China from Communist control by invading China
The Marshall plan was made for what purpose? to create strong European Allies, to rebuild and continue trading with Europe, and for the Economic benefit of the USA.
Which side of the Berlin wall was democratic? West Berlin
Which side of the Berlin wall was communist? East Berlin
What did President Truman create to investigate un-american activities? Loyalty Review Boards
What is McCarthyism? accusations and bullying tactics used to destroy a persons reputation who was believed to be a communist without evidence
The space race was between which two countries? the USA and USSR
When did the space race begin? When the Soviet Union launched the Sputnik into space.
What type of political system did the United Sates want to spread? Democracy
Low interest housing loans to Veteran created a housing boom
What started the Arms Race? The U.S.S.R developed their own bomb
Who created the first vaccine for Polio? Jonas Salk
In 1953, what did the US and North Korea sign that ended hostilities? Armistice
Why was the interstate Highway Act created? military could travel rapidly from coast to coast in time of emergencies
What was an unintended consequence of the Interstate Highway Act? Americans began to travel throughout the US and move to the newly developed suburbs
What was the dividing line of North and South Korea? the 38th parallel line
The U.S. trucked in supplies to West Berlin until the Soviets did what? Berlin Blockade
How did the U.S. respond to the Berlin Blockade? Berlin Airlift
What was the first major international crises of the Cold War The Berlin blockade
What were the economic reasons to rebuild Germany and Italy under the Marshall plan of 1948? to continue trading with the USA and it benefited the american economy
The Policy of Containment if the basis of the ______________doctrine. Truman
What did the Soviet Union want to see other nations adopt? Communism
What did the soviet union implement/prevented when they controlled the satellite nations? prevented free elections, seized industrial properties, and controlled all lives of the people
Why was it called the Cold War? The USSR and USA never confronted each other directly in open warfar
Who were the Big 3? Roosevelt, Churchill, and Stalin
Each NATO member pledged to _____________other ___________________nations from attack defend; NATO
What happened to the people who were caught trying to escape from east to west Berlin? they were put in prison or shot
What was the main purpose of the Berlin Wall? to keep the East Berliners in
Although America loudly condemned the soviets they did not directly_____________ intervene behind the iron curtain
The U.S didn't interfere when the soviets built the Berlin Wall suppressed anti-communist revolution in hungry invaded Czechoslovakia
Who did Truman promise to support? Any country fighting against Communism
What was Joesph Stalin suppose to create? a classless society
Which two allies became rivals during the Cold War? USA and Soviet Union (USSR)
What type of Nations did Stalin control? Satellite Nations
What political structure did Stalin set up in the Satellite Nations? communist government
America responded to the Soviet Union's Communist domination of Eastern Europe with what? Containment
What is containment? Stopping the spread of communism to free democratic nations, but not fighting it in nations that were already communist
The ______________Doctrine promised to support any country fighting communism. Truman
Who was the first country to create and use the Atomic bomb? USA
The House Un-American Activities (Huac) was created by congress to identify current or former members of the Communist party
What was the Sputnik? the worlds first artificial satellite
American believed the policy of containment was working and stopping the spread of Communism in Europe
What Senator is accountable for the _____________hearings? Senator Joseph McCarthy McCarthy hearings
Where did the big 3 meet for a conference? Yalta and Potsdam
Why was the secret of the atomic bomb important? it kept the US the sole atomic power in the world
Which war was the first to use an international peace keeping force to halt an aggression (United Nations)? Korean War
What did General Dougles MacArthur do for a living? he commanded U.S. forces
What policy stopped the spread of communism in Europe? policy of containment
What was the result of the Korean War? The result of the war remained the same as before it began
Who was HUAC created by and what was the purpose? created by congress identify current and former members of Communist party
Which act created a system of federal highways Interstate Highway Act
What did Senator Joseph McCarthy lead? He led the hunt for communist in America
The Eisenhower ________________would send troops to any Middle Eastern nation asking for help in fighting communism Doctrine
Under a ___________policy President Eisenhower created the GI Bill Domestic
Created by: dcontr08
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