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Genetics Study Stack

Test on 3/13/2015

____ are more likely to get a sex-linked trait because they only have one ___ chromosome Males/X
Mutations occur in _____ DNA
Mutations can occur in ______ cells or ____ cells Body/Sex
What type of mutations are passed to offsprings? Sex Cell Mutations
What type of mutations are not passed to offsprings? Body Cell Mutations
When a piece of a chromosome breaks off this is what? Deletion
When a piece of a chromosome breaks off and reattaches in the opposite direction this is what? Inversion
What is it called when a broken piece of a chromosome attaches to a nonhomologous chromosome. Translocation
What is Nondisjunction? Replicated chromosomes do not pull apart during cell division so one cell has an extra chromosome and one doesn't have enough
What are some examples? Down Syndrome Klinefelter’s Turner’s Syndrome XXY
What do genetic counselors do? Explain characteristics of traits, help parents determine probability of passing on traits, they use pedigrees and karyotypes as tools, and they study how traits are inherited through families.
Name the three characteristics of a Karyotype Three characteristics of a karyotype is pictures of cells with chromosomes that have been removed and stained. Helpful in identifying nondisjunctions. They also can see missing or extra chromosomes.
What is Amniocentesis? To remove amniotic fluid doctors insert a large needle into the uterus of a mother to see the skin cells.
What is fetoscopy? Make an incision in the uterus and insert camera or surgical tools.
How do ultrasounds work? Ultrasounds work by bouncing sound waves off of a fetus to get an image.
What is a pedigree? A Pedigree is a record that traces how a trait is inherited and helps predict the future generations.
What is genetic engineering? Biological and chemical engineering that changes arrangement of DNA
What does genetic engineering use? Recombinant DNA (insulin)
What is a gene transfer? To insert normal genetic material into a virus which it takes to the body cells and "attacks" them. This places the normal genes in place of abnormal ones.
What are genetic ethics They are how much influence science should have on nature and should science interfere to cause changes?
Created by: 16esmith