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History Jackson Unit

Who was William Crawford? Former Congressman from Georgia, Secretary of the Treasury, Failing health weaker his candidacy
Who was Andrew Jackson? War of 1812 hero from Tennessee, Spoke for the common man
Who was Henry Clay? Speaker of the House from Kentucky, known as "The Great Compromiser"
Who was John Quincy Adams? son of the 2nd president, supported by merchants from the north
What was The Election of 1824? Andrew Jackson received most number of popular votes, no one receives majority of electoral votes, 12th Amendment HOR chose president, Henry Clay used influence for JQA, Henry Clay- Secretary of State, and Andrew Jackson called it "A Corrupt Bargain"
Adams policies were: stronger navy, government funds for scientific expeditions, internal improvements, federal government was to direct economic growth! These were not popular with the people.
In the Mid-Term elections of 1826, Adam's... political foes gained control of both the House of Representatives and the Senate
Who did the Democrats support in the Election of 1828? Andrew Jackson
What were Democrats? frontiersmen, laborers from the city, immigrants, mistrusted strong central government, states' rights
Who supported John Quincy Adams in the Election of 1828? The National Republicans
What were the National Republicans? merchants and farmers, pushed for a strong central government
Who switched parties in the Election of 1828? John C. Calhoun, and he was re-elected Vice President
While Andrew Jackson was President what was equal? Equal protection and equal benefits for all Americans
Between 1824 and 1828 the percentage of.... white males voting in elections increased from 27% to 58%
By 1840 more than... 80% of all white males voted in elections
What was the Spoils Systems? "To the victor belong the spoils", Democrats argued that ordinary citizens (not non-elected officials) could handle government jobs, Jackson fired many federal workers and replaced them with supporters
In 1832, which political party held there first national party convention and where? Democrats in Baltimore, Maryland
During the Electoral Changes, caucuses were replaced by what? nominating conventions
What was the Tariff Debate? Congress passed a very high tariff on manufactured goods, Southerners called it the "TARIFF OF ABOMINATIONS"
Who said that a state could nullify a federal law? John C. Calhoun
Who was Robert Hayne? He was from South Carolina, he defended nullification, states had the right to secede
Who was attacking the idea of nullification? Daniel Webster (Massachusetts). He said Nullification would mean the end of the Union. "Liberty and Union, now and forever, one and inseparable.
During the Webster- Hayne Debate, who was elected Senator? John C. Calhoun was elected Senator from South Carolina and resigned a Vice President
What was the Nullification Crisis? Congress passed a new, lower tariff in 1832. South Carolina passed the Nullification Act vowing not to pay the tariff. Henry Clay's compromise gradually lowered the tariff over several years. Congress passed the Force Bill, which South Carolina nullified!
What was the Election of 1840? The Democrats had controlled the presidency for 12 years. Whig party candidates: William Henry Harrison and John Tyler. The LOG CABIN Campaign: Whigs defeat Martin van Buren.
What happened in the Election of 1844? The Whig party split over sectional differences. James K. Polk (Democrat) defeated Henry Clay (Whig) to become the 11th President. Polk declined to run for second term.
Created by: SSSullivan
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