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Part 2 Boards

Discoverer of Chiropractic and was a magnetic healer and fish monger. DD Palmer
Another name for DD Palmer Old Dad Chiro
When was Chiropractic founded/discovered 1895
Wrote the book The Chiropractor's Adjuster: The Science, Art and Philosophy of Chiropractic DD Palmer
The first to used short levers such as SP's and TP's DD Palmer
What theory did DD Palmer incorporate? Nerve Compression Theory
Disrelationship between bones and the nerves could result from what? Nerve Compression
Causes of subluxation according to DD Palmer? Chemical, Mechanical, Psychic
Who believed that the body has the ability to heal itself (Vitalism) DD Palmer
Subluxation could affect all the body's functions thoery? Neurodystrophic hypothesis by DD Palmer
The Developer of Chiro BJ Palmer
Who introduced the neurocalometer andthe HIO Technique? BJ Palmer
What theory did BJ Palmer coin? Cord Compression Theory
Who wrote the green books? BJ Palmer
Who developed spinography? BJ Palmer
The four criteria of subluxatioin according to BJ Palmer? Mal-alignment of vertebrae, foraminal occlusion never compression and interference with mental impulse supply.
First person to publish a definition of subluxation? Hieronymus
First person to manipulate? Hippocrates
Who developed the joint fixation and motion restriction, rather than just a bone out of place? Solon Massey Langworthy
Who started the American School of Chiropractic and Nature Cure Solon Massey Langworthy
Who wrote the modernized chiropractic textbook? Langworthy, Smith and Paxon
First chiropractor licensed in the world: Illinois "drugless license" Minora Paxon
First to mention the word subluxation in a text book was which book? Modernized Chiropractic Textbook
Discoverer of Natrapathy? Oakley Smith
Manipulation of ligaments as well as bones? Natrapathy
Who helped DD Palmer come up with the Chiropractic term? Rev Sam Weed
Founder of osetopathy? Andrew Still
Manipulation is non-specific and regional rather than segmental as well as the proper functioning of the circulatory system. Osteopathy
Father of homeoopathy? Samuel Hahnemann
Who thought symptoms shouldn't be suppressed, but should be allowed to flow as an expression of the vital force in the body and what was this called? Hahneann; Theory of Similars
Founded the Church of Christ, Scientist or Christian Science Mary Baker Eddy
Who developed a meric system of adjusting specific vertebrae to treat a specific organ according to the nerves that innervate the organs Joy Loban
Who developed a structural approach theory, asserting that the spine adapts to various stresses, that individual vertebrae do not subluxate? Will Carver
Abnormal biomechanics and pelvic distortion model? Will Carver
Pioneer advocate of clinical, scientific chiropractic C.O. Watkins
Sacrum is the keystone and invented the logan baasic technique with the sacrotuberous ligament; used heel lifts Hugh Logan
Who was jailed and used the metaphyically based chiro philosophy to set chiro apart from medicine Shegataro Morikubo
Founder of National John Howard
Devleoped SOT and Blocking Major Bertram Dejarnette
Developed Flextion Distraction Technique James M. Cox
First to demonstrate the existence of a separate stress disease, the stress syndrome, or GAS. Hans Selye
Concepts of Hypermobility Fred Illi
Fixation hypothesis and Hypomobility Henrie and Marcel Gillet
Focused on the muscle spindle as the driver of facilitation, Facilitation Hypothesis Irwin Korr
Creator of NBCE and CCE and JMPT Joe Janse
Subluxations are all posterior with disc wedging Gonstead
Upper cervical specific; dentate ligament Grostic
3 phase model of instability Kirkaldy-Willis
World renowned scientists in the field of biomechanics of the spine Panjabi and White
Axonal Transport Thoery JohnTriano and M Luttges
Somatoautonomi hypothesis of subluxation Sato
Effectiveness of Chiro Treatment Manga Report
Groundbreaking analysis of spinal manipulation that showed this intervention does benefit some people with acute LBP. Positive recommendations on spinal manipulation in its 94 clinical practice guidelines on LBP RAND
Anti-Trust Case which found the AMA guilty. Wilk Case
Standards of Practice statement Mercy Guidelines
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