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The South

The South pre civil War

Inventor of the Reaper Cyrus Mcormick
Inventor of the steel plow John Deere
Inventor of the cotton gin Eli Whitney
Effect of the cotton gin on slavery Increased demand for slaves
Emotional Christian songs sung by slaves Spirituals
Main cash crop of the South Cotton
Area of the South known for high cotton production Cotton Belt
Landowners who owned 20 or more slaves Planters
Brokers who sold the cotton harvest Factors
Used by slave owners and supporters to justify slavery Religion
Owners of small farms Yeoman
Free African Americans were typically: Descendants of freed slaves Refugees of the Haitian Revolution Runaways or slaves who had bought their freedom
Main classes of Southern Society Planters Yeoman farmers Poor Whites Free African Americans Slaves
Slave preacher who believed he had been called by God to end slavery and led a brutal slave rebellion Nat Turner
Deadliest slave revolt in history Nat Turner's Rebellion
Punishment of Nat Turner for rebellion Sentenced to Death
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