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EW Lesson 1

Lesson 1 vocabulary from Barron's Essential Words for the TOEFL

Abroad (Adverb) to or in another country (Synonyms) overseas, internationally
Abrupt (Adjective) quick; without warning (Synonyms) sudden Other forms: (adverb) abruptly; (noun) abruptness
Acceptable (Adjective) allowable or satisfactory (Synonyms) permissible Other forms: (verb) accept; (adverb) acceptably; (noun) acceptability; (adjective) accepting
Acclaim (Noun) enthusiastic approval; applause (Synonyms) praise Other words: (adjective) acclaimed; (noun) acclamation
Actually (Adverb) being in existence; real or factual (Synonyms) truly Other words: (adjective) actual
Adverse (Adjective) displeasing, objectionable, or bad (Synonyms) unfavorable Other words: (adverb) adversely; (noun) adversity; (noun) adversary
Advice (Noun) A recommendation given by someone not associated with the problem or situation (Synonyms) suggestion Other words: (verb) advise; (adjective) advisable; (noun) advisability
Attractive (Adjective) calling attention to; pleasing; creating interest; pretty (Synonyms) appealing Other words: (verb) attract; (noun) attraction; (noun) attractiveness; (adverb) attractively
Autonomous (Adjective) by itself; with no association (Synonyms) independent Other words: (adverb) autonomously
Chronic (Adjective) always present; continual (Synonyms) constant Other words: (adverb) chronically
Disapproval (Noun) the act of disagreeing; not giving approval (Synonyms) objection Other words: (verb) disapprove; (adverb) disapprovingly
Disruptive (Adjective) causing confusion and interruption (Synonyms) disturbing Other words: (verb) disrupt; (noun) disruption; (adverb) disruptively
Haphazardly (Adverb) having no order or pattern; by chance (Synonyms) arbitrarily; carelessly Other words: (adjective) haphazard; (noun) haphazardness
Persistent (Adjective) continuous; refusing to give up; firm in action or decision (Synonyms) constant Other words: (verb) persist; (noun) persistence; (adverb) persistently
Postpone (Verb) to change to a later time; to delay (Synonyms) reschedule Other works: (adjective) postponable; (noun) postponement
Valid (Adjective) producing a desired result based on truths or facts (Synonyms) convincing Other words: (noun) validity; (adverb) validly
Withdraw (Verb) to remove, take out, or take back (Synonyms) extract Other words: (noun) withdrawal
Created by: rachellaycook
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