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3rd Quarter Review

concepts and terms from 3rd quarter

When John Marshall was Chief Justice, United States Supreme Court decisions tended to strengthen the power of the National Government
The largest territory gained by the United States was in the 1800's and was the Louisiana Territory
The slogan "Fifty-four forty or fight!," the annexation of Texas, and the Mexican War all relate to the belief in Manifest Destiny
What geographical barrier did Merriwether Lewis and William Clark have to cross in order to reach the Pacific Ocean? the Rocky Mountains
What year did the Trail of Tears begin? 1838
"I am tired of fighting. The little children are freezing to death. My people have run to the hills with no blankets or food." What is this speaker commenting on? vanishing way of life of the Native American Indians
Before the Civil War, what economic trend characterized the North more than the South? growth of large cities
The reason why President Monroe issued a statement, later known as the Monroe Doctrine (1823) was to prevent further colonization in the Caribbean region
Because young American industries in the 1800s could not make products as cheaply as their European competitors, what did Congress pass? protective tariffs
What four countries laid claim to the Oregon Country? Russia, United States, Great Britain, Spain
When President Thomas Jefferson acquired the Louisiana Territory from France, he demonstrated that he had changed his belief that the Constitution should be strictly interpreted
The discovery of gold in California led to what? Increased western expansion and foreign immigration
A very important issue that the Missouri Compromise addressed was that new states would be admitted to the Union as slave or free states and the agreement banned slavery in the remainder of the Louisiana Territory north of the 36*30'N parallel
Many Americans justified western expansion during the 1840s based on Manifest Destiny
The word embargo means prohibiting trade with another country
What situation most closely led to the War with Mexico (1846-1848)? annexation of Texas
In the 1840s, Seneca Falls, New York became the center of the movement for women's rights
The climate and topography of the southeastern United States had a major impact on the history of the United States before 1860 because the region provided agricultural products that were processed in the North and in Europe
One reason President Thomas Jefferson supported the Louisiana Purchase was that he wanted to gain full control of the Mississippi River
A major reason President Thomas Jefferson authorized the Lewis and Clark expedition was to explore a route to the Pacific Ocean
What power did the United States Supreme Court gain through the court's decision in Marbury v. Madison judicial review
The Louisiana Purchase initially presented a dilemma for President Thomas Jefferson because he believed it would violate the Constitution
A primary goal of the Monroe Doctrine was to prevent European intervention in Latin America
Washington's Proclamation of Neutrality, Jefferson's Embargo Act, and the Monroe Doctrine were all efforts to do what? avoid political conflicts with European nations
Many Americans starting new businesses is a statement that describes what? free enterprise
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