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Three reasons for exploration. Riches, Religion, Reputation/ Fame
The six obstacles explorers encountered? maps, weather, lack of supplies, diseases, fear, enemies
Helpful or Harmful? Explorers claiming land occupied by the Native Americans Harmful
Helpful or Harmful? Taught explorers to grow crops Helpful
Helpful or Harmful? Traded goods Helpful
Helpful or Harmful? Spoke different languages Harmful
Helpful or Harmful? Shared weapons and tools Helpful
The four outcomes of early exploration. New lands, new understandings,Trade, Improvements
A spanish conqueror of the Mexico and Peru in the sixteenth century was called an Conquistador
The route merchants traveled between Asia and some European countries was called the silk road
In 1492 he sailed the ocean blue for the king and queen of Spain looking for a western route to Asia. Christopher Columbus
Who was the first European to see the pacific ocean from it's Eastern shore Vasco Nunez De Balboa
The emperor of the Mongol empire in the late 1200s Ghengis Khan
What are the two main religions brought from the new world? Catholicism, Judaism, Protestant, christianity
What agricultural practice was brought by explorers to the new world? Commercial Farming
Why did the people change from a subsistence farming method to a commercial farming practice? People needed to make money in order to pay their sponsor countries, provide for families, and provide for those who did not farm.
What is subsistence Farming? Farming to provide for your family only
What is Commercial Farming? Farming in order to trade crops and animals for the money the people need.
Which Explorer was the first to discover modern day Canada? John Cabot
Which explorer had the sponsor country of Spain and was the first explorer to see the Pacific Ocean from North America? Vasco Balboa
List of resources brought to the new world from the old world: Sugar, wheat, coffee, cattle, horses, pigs, sheep, goats,
List of resources brought to the old world from the new world tomatos potatos, maize/corn, llamas
Crops from the old world wheat, barley, sugarcane, coffee,
What are three things passed among the old and new worlds? Plants, animals, disease
How did the Spanish influenece our modern day society? music, food, education, religion, names of cities, states, rivers, mountains etc.
Who was the first explorer to sail around the world Ferdinand Magellan
What disease originated in the new world and was passed to the old world upon the explorers travels home? Syphilis
The route traveled between Asia and Europe used for trade. Silk road
What reason did thousands to millions of Irish people leave their country? potato famine
What was the most deadliest disease traded amongst the Columbian Exchange Smallpox
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