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Q3 Funeral History

The study of past events and cultures and their influence on present conditions, usually through the use of written records History
What is the Greek word for 'knowledge gained by asking questions?' Historia
What are the six cultural constants regarding death? Survival after death, Dreams, Careful treatment of dead, Separation of dead from living, Ambiguous feelings and Distinctions based on social class
Which ancient culture is credited with contributing the most to funeral service? The Ancient Egyptians
What was Ancient Egyptian religion influenced by? (2) The sun and the Nile River
Who was Ra? The Sun
Did the East represent the living or the dead? The living
Did the West represent the living or the dead? The dead
Who was Hapi? The River God
A socially powerful and traditional story transmitted from generation to generation that explores values and concerns of a group Myths
Who was Osiris? The god of dying and rising
Who was Isis and what did she do? The wife of Osiris, Brought Osiris back from the dead using magic
Who was Horace and what did he do? The son of Osiris, Overthrew Seth and avenged his father
Who was Anubis? Another son of Osiris, the god of embalming and protector of the dead
Created by: amber.whalen