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Late 1800s

eighth grade

how did ownership attempt to control labor unions they placed injunctions, coart orders forcing employees to go back to work and a blacklist which was a list of union members that should never be hired
what did the pendelton act finally help get rid of in America spoils system
Why is 'Laissez-Fair" a fitting term for industrial age it meanshands off/ layed back.... goverenment was hands off buisnesses and corruptions
Explain horizontal monopoly once controlled by standard oil controlled 90 percent of oil and no competition, everyone had to go to you and he could raise prices because no other oil to buy
describe Carnegie steel vertical monopoly he owned every steep to make steel
a successful reform movement in late 1800s Pendelton Act
book about poor tenements How the Other Half Lives by Jacob A Riis
two unfair things of the life of an American worker work in dangerous sweatshopd with low pay and long hours and dangerous conditions, and no bemfefits so it was hard to support family
what is a political machine powerful supporters in a political party, controlled city gov. (city boss) and they controlled the election on all one ever elected if machine didnt agree
jane aadams started what for the poor and immigrants hull house
what problems did urbanization bring for america brought many people/immigrants....overcrowding, crime, disease
old immigration before 1865...came from northern and western europe
new immigration after 1865-1920... came from southern and eastern europe
factories famous for poor working conditions sweatshops
collective bargaining? when labor unions meet to speak with business owner about issues
what city was controlled by the "Tweed Ring" NYC
kickback? give example you recieve money from gov to do work but do a cheap job and keep the remaining government money for yourself. given 15 million to build a bridge but i only spend 10 million on a junky bridge and get the extra 5 million for myself and construction co
which prez between 1876-1900 server two nonconsecutive terms? Cleveland
janek came from what country Poland!! WHOOP WHOOP
why called the gilded age on the outside usa looked great but hidden underneath their was poverty and corruption.
how did spoils system contribute to the death of prez garfield was assassinated by charles guiteau because he thought he deserved to be in garfields cabinet because he helped him get elected
how did lives of women improve during this age gained more respect, they started womens suffrages and passed the 19th amendment
trust? big business doesn't want to get caught with a monopoly so creates an illusion and allows other companies to stay in business of they are actually just under control of the bigger business
once prez of Princeton college and NJ Governor Wilson
served the least amount as president... one full term Taft
was once vice president and our youngest president Roosevelt
he later became cheif justice... dream job Taft
was the lone democrat of the 4 men Wilson
once ran as the "Bull Moose" Party candidate Roosevelt
was assassinated by madman leon czolgosz McKinley
resigned assistant-secretary of the navy to fight in cuba Roosevelt
pushed for reform in his new freedom plan, had a stroke wilson
mediated the russo-japan war and won nobel peace prize Roosevelt
was a rough rider who kept chargin up sand juan hill Roosevelt
prez during spanish american war mckinley
spoke softly and carried a big stick in foreign affairs roosevelt
heaviest president at 300+ lbs taft
established FTC and federalreserve system wilson
passed meat act, drug act, and usa's first conservation acts roosevelt
tried to keep usa out of WW1... didnt happen wilson
brokeup more trusts than the trust breaker, but lost his support taft
felt usa should "police" the western hemisphere roosevelt
his "dollar diplomacy" is still followed today taft
on mount rushmore roosevelt
made peace after WW1 and formed the leage of nations wilson
was the losing 1912 republicsn csnidate for prez taft
was intrumental in the planning and building panama canal roosevelt
last president of 1800's wilson
who are titans of industry JOHN D ROCKEFELLER- oil ANDREW CARNEGIE-steel CORNELIUS VANDERBUILT- railroads JJD MORGAN-banking
Muckraker reporters who exposed the truth and corruption in society
william tweed NYC city boss (Dem) made and sold millions, kickbacks, bribes DIRTY DIRTY BUSINESS
philanthropist gave money to charity
triangle shirt waist factory had a fire in new york killed many women. didn't have a proper fire escape
stock watering selling countless shares of company stock (useless) allowed most endless money to be expanded
Hay Market Square riot chicago riot in which eight people died
Chester A Arthur Garfields VP, 21st Prez Pendelton civil service reform act
Undercut big business drops prices until the small businesses go out of business
Holding Companies companies that existed only to buy stocks in other companies
4 causes of Spanish-American war imperialism yellow journalism Spain, which treated Cubans poorly revenge for the blowing up of the maine
what 2 places was the Spanish-American war mostly fought in cuba and philipeans
besides Cuba what 4 other places made up usa's new empire during early 1900's Puerto rico quam hawaii Phillipeans
explain how Wilson won 1912 election both Roosevelt and taft were running as republican votes, just Roosevelt as a progressive party, but it split the republican votes allowing Wilson, a democrat, to win
what is the role of the FTC in charge of making sure there is no corruption going on in usa
what is the purpose of the Federal Reserves System it managed the u.s currency system
what was the league of nations was founded by Wilson and goal was to help keep peace with other nations
nationalism a feeling of strong devototion to ones country. ex. usa was improving economically and socially which made americans proud
isolationism being isolated from the rest of the world ex. since GW they believed staying out of foreign affairs
expansionism wanting and achieving territorial expansion ex. manifest destiny was complete, now goal was to extend us trade worldwide
imperialism a powerful country takes over a smaller country ex. Europe was over powering small countries in the east, and usa wanted to start a new empire
yellow journalism a biase and exaggerated headlines and news ex. usa made biase newspapers about the blown up maine, blaming it on spain
progressivism the progress of social reform ex. usa was attacking corruption with reform polocies
Created by: laurenstmartin
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