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Civil Rights

Honors History 9, Civil Rights Test

Where was MLK assassinated by James Earl Ray Memphis, 1968
What city were voters registered during the freedom summer Jackson, 1964
What city did Rosa Parks spark a bus boycott Montgomery, 1955
In which city was there a six a riot, the worst in American History Los Angeles, 1965
What city did people assault African Americans with fire hoses and police dogs Birmingham, 1963
Which city ruled that separate schools were not equal under the board of education Topeka, 1954
Where did MLK give his famous "I Have a Dream" speech Washington DC, 1963
Where was the lynching of Emmitt Till Chicago, 1955
What city were nine black students were escorted into an all white school Little Rock, 1957
What city did police cruelty was televised and caused an outraged president Johnson to support the new voting act Selma, 1965
What city id Malcolm X get assassinated New York, 1965
"Even though I as not a Supreme Court Justice yet, I do believe Brown v Board of Education was one of the most important decisions ever" Thurgood Marshall
"The non-violent resister not only reuses to shoot his opponent, but he also refuses to hate him" MLK
"I said I would not give up my seat, and in the driver needed to call the police, he should go right ahead Rosa Parks
Created by: harris_21
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