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The Middle Ages

Name for the laws of the church Cannon law
Charles the Great Charlemagne
The land given to a vassal Fief
Ditch around a castle/manor Moat
Killed millions of people during the middle ages Black Death/Boubonic Plague
Word for being thrown out of the church Excommunication
Who wrote The Canterbury Tales? Geoffrey Chaucer
Who said that knowledge is based on observation? Roger Bacon
Name for the educated bishops Clergy
What year did the Battle of Hastings take place? 1066
Where do Monks live? Monasteries
What was the name of the book that was like a Census? The Domesday Book
What were the two houses of Parliament? 1. House of Commons 2. House of Lords
Kings, Vassals, and Lesser Lords Nobility
Charles the Hammer Charles Martel
Who translated the the Bible at Monte Cassino (Monestary)? St. Benedict
Who wrote Summa Theologica? St. Thomas Aquinas
French word for middle class Bourgeois
German word for middle class Burghers
Romance languages that came from Latin 1. Italian 2. French 3. Spanish
Who wrote the Prince? Machiavelli
What year did the Bubonic Plague hit? 1347
What was the nursery rhyme written about the black death? Ring Around the Rosie
What type of architecture has thick wall supports? Roman
What type of architecture has tall spires and large arches as supports? Gothic
3 Important Characteristics for a Nation 1) strong central government 2) nation has it's own culture 3) Patriotism/Nationalism
What country was originally made up of a tribe called the Englo Saxons? England
Who dies leaving England with no direct heir? King Edward the Confessor
Who wrote the Divine Comedy and The Inferno? Dante
Who does England choose to become the next King after King Edward the Confessor died? King Harold II
What happened at the Battle of Hastings? William Duke of Normandy invades England seeking the throne ends up winning and killing King Harold II
Who controlled England during 1066? The Normans
Who establishes The Domesday Book? William the Conqueror
Who was the 1st Great King of England? Henry II
Henry II unites all of England under _______. Common Law
Who was appointed Arch Bishop of Canterbury? Thomas A. Beckett
Who opposed Henry's law and was murder for it? Thomas A. Beckett
Who was forced to sign the Magna Carta? King John
What does the Magna Carta state? 1) Justice for King's subjects 2) New taxes must be set up with people's consent 3) Right to trial by Jury 4) The Law is above the King 5) The king can be forced to obey the law 6) Parliament established by Edward I
Who fought many wars to unite all of England? King Edward I
What is the Parliament? a group of representatives of the people to the kingdom
Who was killed by the English for heresy and was later named a saint? Joan de Arc
What 2 English families fought for the throne? 1) House of York (white rose) 2) House of Lancaster (red rose)
What war established the Tudor Dynasty? War of Roses
Who established the Tudor Dynasty? Henry VII
Who unites England and brings it into the Renaissance? Henry VIII
Who start the Protestant Reformation in England? Henry VIII
Who begins the Anglican Church? Henry VIII
Who was the first woman to rule England? Mary (Bloody Mary)
Who brings England into the Golden Age? Queen Elizabeth I
When was Hugh Capet elected King by French Nobles? 987 AD
Who set up a system Royal Courts in France? Louis IX
What battle was gunpowder used? Battle at Crecy 1346
Who was king of the Franks? Clovis
Who saves Christianity at the battle of Tours? Charles Martel (Charles the Hammer)
Messenger of the lord (spies) Missi Dominici
Who establishes the Holy Roman Empire? Charlemagne
What country was called the Holy Roman Empire? Germany
Who split the Holy Roman Empire between his 3 sons? Louis the Pious
What the Treaty of Verdun do? Divided the Holy Roman Empire into 3 seperate ones?
What were the Vikings in the North called? Norcemen
What is feudalism? a fixed societal division of land among knights
Who was the group of people dependent upon the nobles and could not leave the land they were born on? Serfs
What was built for defense not comfort? Manors
Where did everyone sleep in the castle? The Great Room
Who calls for the crusades? Pope Urban II
What did it mean to tithe? to pay one tenth of your yearly income to the church
What is heresy? crimes against the church
Who led the first crusade? Peter the Hermit
Who unites Spain through marriage? Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand
What was the group called that began persecution of all non-christians? Spanish Inquisition
Who is defeated at the Battle of Lechfeld? the Hungarians
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