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Unit 4 Vocab History

nominating convention a meeting at which a political party selects its presidential and vice presidential candidate
jacksonian democracy support for an increase in voting rights by lowering property requirements, abolishing the influential second national bank, and encouraging westward expansion
frontier an undeveloped area
reform to improve (someone or something) by removing or correcting faults , problems, etc.
democratic party a political party formed by the supporters of Andrew Jackson after the presidential election of 1824
spoils system a politician's practice of giving government jobs to his or her supporters
kitchen cabinet president Andrew Jackson's group of informal advisors; so called because they often met in the White House kitchen
states' rights doctrine the belief that the power of the states should be greater than the power of the federal government
nullify make legally null and void; invalidate
nullification crisis a dispute led by John C. Calhoun that said that states could ignore federal laws if they believed those laws violated the constitution
Second Bank of the US the second federally authorized Hamiltonian national bank in the US, it was created to stabilize the economy following the war of 1812
McCulloch vs. Maryland this ruling established that congress had the constitutional power to charter a bank, also known as national supremacy
whig party a political party formed in 1834 by opponents of Andrew Jackson and who supported a strong legislature
panic of 1837 a financial crisis in the United States that lead to an economic depression
indian removal act a congressional act that authorized the removal of native Americans who lived east of the Mississippi river
bureau of indian affairs a gov't agency created in the 1800s to oversee federal policy toward native Americans
Wocester vs. Georgia this ruling made Georgia's removal of the Cherokee illegal but was not effective because Jackson supported Georgia with removal
trail of tears an 800 mile forced march made by the Cherokee nation from their homeland in Georgia to indian territory
Cherokee native American tribe that lived in the southeastern US, before they were moved to indian territory
tariff of abominations a tariff that was signed to protect industry in northern states
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