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sophomoric immature
buoyant able to float or happy
peruse to quickly scan over something
prematurely childish
feign to pretend
fallow unplowed land
catalyst something that causes change
haggle to argue over a price
chasm a deep hole or crack in the land
acquaintance someone that we may only briefly know
inadequately not fully complete
dingy faded
inquired to ask a question
nonchalantly to act calmly
drought a long dry period of time
famine starvation
miscellaneous a collection of things
atone to makeup
paradox absurd statement
petty something of little or no importance
rhetorical a statement of little of no importance
elusive something hard to understand
prudent describes a wise person
compliant someone easy to get along with
edifice another word for a building
theme the main points
congruent something that is equal
disposition a trait
provisions things we need
pseudonym a false name
raconteur someone who is good at telling stories
disposition the quality of a personality
alacrity quality of being eager
ominous a sign that something bad is going to happen
protagonist lead character
integrity quality of being trustworthy
simultaneously two or more things that happen at the same time
demonstrative showing feelings openly
monotonous having no variety
chivalrous showing respect
implore to ask by begging
perpetuate the cause something to continue
compulsory something that is required to do
minimum least amount possible
adversary a group that attacks
indifferent someone who does not care about something
acronym a word or abbreviation
imperative very important
perplexed describing a person who is confused
annulled something that is cancelled
forlorn describes a feeling of hopelessness
belligerent describes a rude person
adjacent something that is side by side
gaffe a mistake
Justify to give proof
apartheid a separation of people by their back round
elusive something that is hard to find
prudent a wise person
rhetorical something that is not meant to be answered
sublime something that inspires awe
civil polite
conscripted forced into service
fond having a liking for something
generation a group of people born within a curtain time
theme the main point of a writing piece
disposition a personality trait
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