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Stack #1860577

Old immigrants Immigrants from North and West Europe places like Sweden, Norway and UK
Immigration Movement of people into foreign countries
New immigrants Immigrants from South and Eastern Europe places like Russia, Greece, and Hungry
Pogroms Organized attacks by local authorities
Steerage Area on the ships, lower level near steering mechanisms of the ship
Ellis Island Immigration station in1892 in New York harbor
Angle Island 1910 immigration station on the west coast
Tenements Poorly built, over crowded apartments
Benevolent Societies Aid organizations to provide help for immigrants
Nativists Americans who opposed immigrante
Chinese Exclusion Act Prohibited Chinese people from immigrating to the U.S. for 10 years
Gentleman's Agreement Between Roosevelt and Japanese government, Japan would prevent unskilled workers from immigrating to the U.S. and San fran schools would stop segregating Japanese school children
Literacy Test Exam to determine wether test trackers could read English
Professionalization Standard set of skills needed for certain occupations
Settlement houses Neighborhood centers in poor areas staffed by professionals and volunteers that offered education recreation and social activities
Political machines Organizations that garanteed votes at election time through both legal and illegal methods
Pendleton civil service act Established merit system controlled by civil service commission
National gurge Social and educational organization for farmers (founded by Oliver Kelley)
Deflation Shrinking money supply and lowering prices
Inflation Ncrease in money supply giving a rise in prices
Populist party platform Remove influence of big business on government
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