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Abeka U.S. History 8

Ch. 20: A World at War

Nazi leader who took control of Germany in 1934 Adolf Hitler
The code name given to the atomic bomb project Manhattan Project
Japanese suicide planes kamikazes
Name of the socialist party in Italy controlled by Mussolini Fascist
Lead pilot of the Japanese attack planes at Pearl Harbor Mitsuo Fuchida
The German general known as the "Desert Fox" Erwin Rommel
The President who proposed the "Fair Deal" for America Harry S. Truman
The German method of attack which means "lightening war" blitzkrieg
The American plan for attacking the Pacific Islands island hopping
German city divided between Communism and freedom Berlin
When did Israel once again become a nation-state? 1948
Where has the United Nations met since 1945? New York City
Who led the U.N.'s forces in Korea? General MacArthur
Operation Torch was the code name for this invasion of this country. Africa
This was the first city destroyed by an atomic bomb on August 6, 1945 Hiroshima
Jesse Owens is best remembered as this An Olympic Hero
Several Nazi war criminals were found guilty at these trials. Nuremburg Trials
This mass slaughter of the Jews by the Nazis killed over 6 million Jews. Holocaust
"Liberty ships" were built by this industrialist. Henry Kaiser
Through the darkest days of WWII, the people of England looked to this prime minister for strength and leadership. Winston Churchill
After WWII this new kind of war began, a conflict between Americanism and Communism. Cold War
The leader of the free Chinese against both the Japanese and Chinese Communists. Chiang Kai-shek
The policy America adopted toward Korea, which meant stopping Communism from spreading but not destroying it. Containment
Pledged American help for any free nation threatened by Communist takeover Truman Doctrine
This advisor of President Roosevelt at Yalta was a Communist party organizer in the United States. Alger Hiss
This allowed America to loan tremendous amounts of war material to the Allies fighting Germany in WWII. Lend-Lease Act
The landing at Inchon was an important battle in this war. Korean War
He said an "iron curtain" had descended across Europe, separating free nations from Communist nations. Winston Churchill
German jets were first shot down by this American fighter squadron. Fighting Red Tails
Canada, the United States, and several Western European nations established this military alliance. NATO
This was established by President Eisenhower to defend Southeast Asia from Communism. SEATO
These acts of the 1930's were designed to keep America out of war Neutrality Acts
Women in the armed forces made up these groups. WACS and WAVES
The Marshall Plan was to give money and supplies to help rebuild this place after WWII. Europe
He became a missionary to Japan after being a prisoner of war in that country. Jacob DeShazer
Second-generation Japanse-Americans Nisei
V-J Day was proclaimed on September 2 of this year. 1945
This battle was the turning point in the war in the Pacific. Battle of Midway
By 1941, this country stood alone as the last bastion for freedom in Europe. Britain
The Nazi-Soviet Pact divided up this country. Poland
This was the first naval battle in which opposing ships never saw each other Battle of Coral Sea
These men helped develop the atomic bomb. Enrico Fermi, Edward Teller, J. Robert Oppenheimer
Who led the Free Chinese against both the Japanese and the Chinese Communists? Chiang Kai-shek
Prime Minister of Britain during WWII Winston Churchill
The name of the German army's last great offensive in Europe Battle of the Bulge
The Japanese lost nearly all of their remaining ships and planes in this battle. Battle of Leyte Gulf
Led U.S. forces in the Philippines General MacArthur
led a bombing raid over Tokyo Colonel Jimmy Doolittle
Allied commander in Europe General Dwight D. Eisenhower
Aggressive American general who led the invasion of Sicily General George Patton, Jr.
First candidate to campaign by going directly to the people. Harry S. Truman
Leader of the Free French forces. Charles de Gaulle
What happened on December 7, 1941? Pearl Harbor
What American Indian tribe did the U.S. government employ to relay messages in secret code? Navajo
What nickname was given to the American fighter pilots that shot down the first German jet fighters? Fighting Red Tails
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