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S. S. Ch. 10

Nationalism National pride or glory
James Monroe 5th president, era of good feeling, last of the VA dynasty, last of revolutionary generation, two term president, last of the founding fathers
Era of Good Feeling Period of political harmony, avoiding war, nation is expanding and growing
Cumberland Road MA to WV, first road
Erie Canal NY, growing westward, waterway
1st Seminole War Seminoles crossing boarders, Jackson is sent, takes over Spanish forts
Andrew Jackson 7th president, TN, log cabin president, war general, big ego, tough
Adams-Onis Treaty We get Florida
Monroe Doctrine European powers don't interfere in western hemisphere, we stay out of European affairs
Henry Clay KY, Great Compromiser
Election of 1824 Goes to HoR, Clay pushes for Adams, Jefferson wins
Corrupt Bargain Clay helped Adams try and win
Election of 1828 Jackson wins
John Quincy Adams Boston, MA, Monroe's SoS, big plans but no support from Congress
Old Hickory Common man, tough
King Andrew Jefferson was acting like a king
Log Cabin President First to be born in a log cabin
Jacksonian Democracy Didn't care about class
Kitchen Cabinet What Jackson called his cabinet because he's really close to the people he hired
Indian Removal Act Removal of Indians in U. S. territory
Trail of Tears 18,000 Indians moved, 800 miles, and 4,000 people died
Nullification Crisis Tariffs null and void, didn't obey because it's unconstitutional
Compromise Tariff Lowers the tariff rates slowly over 10 years
Martin Van Buren Jackson's Secretary of State, elegant dresser, democratic, Panic of 1837
Panic of 1837 Cotton was getting scarce, expensive, and in debt
Whig Party Against Andrew Jackson
Tippecanoe and Tyler Too Slogan Harrison used because he won against the Indians and Tyler was his Vice President
Harrison Too old, longest Inaugural Address, first president to die in office, shortest term (one month)
John Tyler Tyler became president after Harrison died
Manifest Destiny Wanting to expand
Stephen F. Austin Father of Texas, recruited the first 300 families to Texas
Texas Revolution U. S. settlers came to Texas
The Alamo Military base, no survivors, overrun by Santa Anna
Santa Anna Overran the Alamo, arrested Austin
Booey, Crockett, Travis Helped defend the Alamo
Sam Houston Commander of Texas army
Battle of San Jacinto Killed 630 and captured Santa Anna
Lone Star State Independent Republic of Texas
Annexation Added on Texas
James K. Polk 11th President, democratic
Rio Grande/Nueces Border of Texas
Zachary Taylor Sent by Polk to dispute the region
Battle of Buena Vista 5,000 Americans, 15,000 Mexicans, and Santa Anna withdraws
Guadalupe Hidalgo Feb. 1848, gave up all claims to TX, we paid $15 million, granted citizenship to all
Oregon Trail Wanted to fur trade and protestant missionaries
Donner Party Few survivors, resorted to cannibalism
Joseph Smith Finds and translates Book of Mormon
Brigham Young Leads people west
49ers 40,000 people moved to California to look for gold in 1848-1849
Prospectors People who wanted to look for gold
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