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Study Guide 3/31/15

How did the First Americans come to the Americas? The Bering Land Bridge theory
When did the First Americans come to the Americas? They came to America at around 38,000 to 10,000 B.C.
Why did the First Americans come to the Americas? They probably came to America for resources, and out of curiosity.
Who were the First Americans? The First Americans were known as Paleo-Indians.
What is the Bering Land Bridge? The Bering Land Bridge was a land bridge that once connected what is now Alaska with Siberia.
What is migration? Migration is when a movement of people or animals travel from one region to another.
What is a Paleo-Indian? The Paleo-Indians were the first Americans that happened to have an Asian background. They were the people who crossed the Bering Land Bridge.
Which tribe used the bison for main source of food? The Mandans were a tribe which used the bison for a main source of food.
Which tribe relied heavily on the whale? The Makah tribe is a tribe that relied heavily on the whale.
Which tribe was from Mexico and had an empire and a unique religion involving human sacrifice? The Aztecs was a tribe from Mexico and had an empire and a unique religion involving human sacrifice.
Which tribe was from the Southeast and built their houses and temples on top on man-made mounds? The Creek was from the Southeast and built their houses and temples on top on man-made mounds.
Which tribe farmed in dry conditions, but used the hot sun to bake their adobe bricks for pueblos? The Hopi tribe farmed in dry conditions, but used the hot sun to bake their adobe bricks for pueblos.
Which tribe lived in the Northeast, built longhouses, and created a Constitution? The Iroquois was a tribe that lived in the Northeast, built longhouses, and created a Constitution.
Name at least 2 ways the Iroquois Constitution was similar to U.S government and society. The Iroquois Constitution was based on a democratic system. No one had all the power. There was freedom of religion. There was freedom of speech.
What was the population of Native Americans living in North America before 1492? The estimated population was 2-10 million.
What are the 5 European countries that explored the Americas and an area they claimed in the New World? The 5 European countries were Spain, England, The Netherlands, France, and Portugal.
What are the 4 Gs? The 4 Gs are gold, glory, grades, and God.
Name at least 3 characteristics of America that attracted settlement and exploration. The land was fertile. There was lots of game(hunting). Crops could be ready for harvest 2-3 time a year.
Name at least 2 reasons why European countries wanted to try western exploration. They wanted to travel to Asia. Wanted to bypass Muslims and the Silk Road for maximum profits. Wanted to find a faster route to Asia. Wanted to avoid Portugal's control over the seas of Africa.
Name 1 reason why African kings participated in the slave trade. The African kings participated in the slave trade for guns, horses, and other goods.
What is the Renaissance? The Renaissance was a time period when there was a "rebirth" in art, literature, and science in Europe.
What was Columbus’s goal and date of his famous first voyage and where actually believed he was? Columbus wanted to travel to the East Indies for trade and the voyage started in 1492. He actually ended up in America.
What is the Northwest Passage? The Northwest Passage was a route to get to Asia from Northern Europe.
What is a conquistador? A conquistador was a Spanish soldier and explorer who led military expeditions in the Americas and captured land for Spain.
What is the Columbian Exchange The exchange of cultural and natural items among Europeans, Native Americans, and Africans is called the Colombian Exchange because the arrival of Columbus in the "New World".
What is the Encomienda system? The Encomienda system was a system that rewarded settlers for their service to Spain by giving them the right to tax the Natives and make them do work in exchange for having to protect the Natives and convert them to Christianity.
What was the impact of disease? The impact of disease almost killed all of the Natives that survived the war between the Spanish and the English.
What were the positive and negative effects of the Age of Exploration? The positives was that the New World was connected the the Old World. The negative affects were that the Native Americans were nearly wiped out.
What came from Old World and New World? Squash, pumpkin, turkeys, peanuts, potatoes, tomatoes, corn, sweet potatoes, peppers, tobacco, pineapples, cocoa, beans, and vanilla came from the New World. The Old World brough disease, citrus fruits, grapes, bananas, sugar cane, honeybees, and onions.
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