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Moose-Road to War

Road to American Civil War

Which group wanted jobs in northern industries? European immigrants
What is a factor that led to the rise of cotton as a cash crop? Decreased demand of rice
What is the main goal of the abolitionist movement? End slavery
What was a consequence of the Denmark Vesey plot? Illegal for slaves to learn to read and write
What was the basis for South Carolina's nullification crisis? High protective tariff
How did Stephen Douglas think the issue of slavery should be decided in the western territories? Popular sovereignty
What was decided in the Missouri Compromise? Missouri enters as a slave state, Maine as a free state
What was the southern benefit from the Compromise of 1850? Fugitive Slave Act
From what event did the Republican Party form? Bleeding Kansas
Which abolitionist became a martyr? John Brown
Which abolitionists spoke out in favor of women's rights? Grimke Sisters
Which area of SC started increased slavery? Upcountry
What was the impact of the cotton gin on the plantation system? More dependent on slaves
What event immediately preceded South Carolina's secession? Election of Lincoln
For which section of the US did the Dred Scott decision validate? South
Which branch of the government was directly limited by the Dred Scott decision? Legislative
What was Lincoln's 1860 campaign platform? Slavery should not expand to the territories
Why did Lincoln win the 1860 election? Southern states split votes among the remaining candidates
Which group favored South Carolina's secession if other states seceded as well? Cooperationists
Which group favored South Carolina's secession as the only option after Lincoln's election? Secessionists
Which group were against South Carolina's secession after Lincoln's election? Unionists
Why was the Secession Convention moved from Columbia to Charleston? Smallpox rumor
Created by: camoose