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Ancient Rome

Ancient Rome Study Guide Chapters 11 and 12

Republic a form of government in which citizen select their leaders
Legion a large group of Roman soldiers
Patrician a member of the ruling class
Plebeian an ordinary citizen
Consul head of government
Veto to reject or say no to
Praetors government officials who interpret the law and serve as judges
Tribune an elected official who protects the rights of ordinary citizen
Dictator a person given total power
Civic Duty the idea that citizens have a duty to help their country
Latifundia large farming estates
Triumvirate three rulers who share equal power
Pax Romana Roman peace; a long period of peace and prosperity in Roman history
Proconsul governor
Gladiator a person who fought people and animals for public entertainment
Satire writing that pokes fun at human weaknesses
Ode poem that expresses strong emotions about life
Vault a curved ceiling
Anatomy the study of the body’s structure
Reforms political changes to bring about improvement
Mosaics patterns or pictures made from small pieces of colored glass or stone
Saints Christian holy people
Legion 1 The Twelve Tables of Law
Legion 2 Roman Construction - Aqueducts, Dome, Arches, Roads, Concrete!
Legion 3 Latin Alphabet
Legion 4 Republic - 3 branches
Legion 5 Spread of Christianity - Icthus (fish)
Rome All Roads lead to....



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