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Health Unit 1


Consumer a person who buys products and services
Advertisement a message designed to influence consumers to buy a product or service
Target audience a group of people for which a product is intended
Fraud a calculated effort to trick or fool others
Endorsement a statement of approval
Infomercials long television commercials whose main purpose seems to be to present information rather than to sell a product
Sticky web site a site's ability to keep visitors there for long periods of time and to have them return frequently
Manipulate to influence or manage deviously
Deceptive misleading
Subjective based on or influenced by personal feelings, tastes, or opinions
Factual concerned with what is actually the case rather than interpretations of or reactions
Cultural Background the beliefs, customs and traditions of a specific group of people
Health combination of physical, mental/emotional and social well-being
Wellness state of well-being or balanced health over a longer period of time
Mind-Body Connection how your emotions affect your physical and overall health and how your overall health affect your emotions.
Advocacy taking action to support a cause
Advocate a person who takes action in support of a cause
Social Wellness having the ability to interact successfully with people and one's personal environment
Physical Wellness involves the ability to carry out daily tasks, develop cardiorespiratory and muscular fitness
Emotional Wellness the ability to control stress and to express emotions appropriately and comfortably
Intellectual Wellness involves the ability to learn and use information effectively for personal, family, and career development
Environmental Wellness the ability to promote health measures that prove the standard of living and quality of life in the community, including laws and agencies that safeguard the physical environment
Spiritual Wellness provides meaning and direction in life and enables you to grow, learn, and meet new challenges
Occupational Wellness comprises aspects of wellness that help achieve a balance between work and leisure in a way that promotes health and a sense of personal satisfaction
Financial Wellness is having an understanding of your financial situation and taking care of it in such a way that you’re prepared for financial changes. Living within your means
Created by: Snowball1
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