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social studies

social studes chapter 8 unit test

rome was built on what river? Tiber River
Name three important geographical features of Rome: Mountains- provided nat. resources River- fresh water middle- good trade location
what were the two brothers' names who supposedly started Rome? Romulus and Remus
Octavian changed his name to: Agustus
Julius Caesar crossed the ____________ "Rubicon"
items made by humans artifacts
traces of plants and animals found in rock fossils
land between tigris and euphrates river mesopotamia
better methods and tools to get tasks done technology
practice doing just one job and becoming good at it speacialization
way to make decisions and plans for large group of people government
way to keep records writing
time before writing pre-history
belief in one god monotheism
belief is many gods polytheism
sumerians developed what type of writing? kuneiform
group of different lands under one ruler empire
who invented the wagon wheel plow sailboat? sumerians
sumerians developed the number system based on 60
the code of Hammurabi was a collection of laws that: was the start of a justice system and it stated the expectations and consequences for behaivior
niles flooding was ______________ dependable
tribute is: forced payments that helped build a canal between the nile river and the red sea
the Great Pyramid was built in ______ for__________. giza, King Khufu
Reed plant that grew along the nile: papyrus
papyrus was used to make: sandals, baskets, and papermaking
pyramids were first built in the______________________. old kingdom
the old stone age is also known as the: neolithic age
the new stone age is also known as the: paleolithic age
forced out of ones own country: exile
who led the israelites to canaan and was promised the land? abraham
who led the isrealites out of egypt and recieved the Torah on Mount Sianai? moses
Where did Moses recieve the Torah? mount Sianai
who drove the philistines out and taxed heavily and used that money to expand the new capital of jerusalem? Solomon
who were the Maccabees? rebelled at the thought of worshiping grteek gods and cleansed temples of greek gods and godessess
ancient hymns and poems for religious ceremonies vedas
government headed by religous leaders theocracy