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Technologies of WWII : Aviation jets and bombers that had radar to help track enemy planes. helped carry supplies
Technologies of WWII : Communication designed computers to help break secret codes
Technologies of WWII : Weaponry atomic bombs development to compete with Germany
What was the Manhattan project? A code name given to the effort to build an atomic bomb started by the government
Who were the Tuskegee Airmen and how they were significant in the war? The first African American pilot who were sent to join fighting and flew in combat mission. Trained at an army base in Tuskegee, Alabama, After under pressure succeeded
Flow Chart: 1 Congress _____ that required Roosevelt to maintain and official policy of ______ passed laws and neutrality
Flow Chart: 2 Roosevelt helped the allied powers by __________ sending supplies
Flow Chart: 3 Hitler successfully invades ______ and ________ Poland and France
Flow Chart: 4 Allied landing in North Africa (_______) had many goals Operation torch
Flow Chart: 5 free the _________ from German control, Mediterranean sea
Flow Chart: 6 protect the ______ of the Middle East, Oil fields
Flow Chart: 7 take some Flow Chart: 9 Invasion of Normandy (_______) provided a second front against the ______ in the west and provided some relief for the _____ troopsof the pressure off of the _______ who was taking heavy losses as it was being invaded Soviet Union
Flow Chart : 8 ______ in Italy brought the surrender of the ________ but German forces continued the bitter fight on the ______________ Allied landings Italians Italian Peninsula
Flow Chart: 9 Invasion of Normandy (_______) provided a second front against the ______ in the west and provided some relief for the _____ troops D-Day Germans Russian
Flow Chart: 10 Led to the surrender of the _______ Powers in Europe Axis
Flow Chart: 11 _____ was not giving up Japan
The Attack of Pearl Harbor changed things for the U.S. One American ship sunk and 1,100 people died called the USS Arizona The U.S. was suddenly attacked and bombed by naval and air forces from the empire of Japan The U.S. declared war on Japan
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