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America in the 2000s

Waltrip US History- Chapter 16: America in the New Millennium

September 11, 2001 The US was attacked by terrorists who hijacked planes and crashed them into the twin towers and the pentagon
War on Terror In response to the attack on 9/11, the President Bush started a war to fight terrorism
Department of Homeland Security President Bush created this department to protect the US against terrorism here
USA PATRIOT Act An act passed by Congress in response to 9/11 to expand the governments law enforcement powers--some people say this is a threat to privacy
2008 financial crisis When too many homeowners couldn't pay their mortgages, the economy collapsed
Barack Obama First African American president who was elected in 2008
Health care reform AKA: ObamaCare. A way to make health care available to more Americans
Sonia Sotomayor The first Hispanic on the US Supreme Court
Demography The study of population
Sun Belt The center of the nations population has shifted from the northeast toward the south "sun belt"
Created by: efeinstein