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Test 9

4th grade History test 9

Why did the Chinese and Irish railroad workers stop fighting? An avalanche killed both the Chinese and Irish workers
Where and when did the most famous blizzard in American history occur? In the East 1888
Who said, "The Apaches were once a great nation. They are now only a few"? Chief Cochise
Who said "Let me be a free man - free to travel, free to stop, free to work, and I will obey every law or submit to the penalty." Chief Joseph
What was true if the relationship between the settlers and the Native Americans? The white settlers did not treat the Native Americans as fellow Americans.
What did the Dawes act do? It banned Native Americans from living in large family groups.
What limited the Native Americans' power against the government? They, were fewer and did not have one leader.
What developed when people moved and left a town completely empty? ghost town
Which president told Chief Joseph to leave his home and go to a reservation? Grant
Which president told the countries of Europe that he did not want them to make any more colonies in the New World? Monroe
The Spanish-American War was fought because of what Spanish colony? Cuba
Which president was moved by strong public opinion to declare war on Spain? McKinley
What was the last event that occurred before America declared war on Spain? Newspapers on America printed headlines like this:" Split in Two by Enemy's Secret Infernal Machine."
The Chinese did not return the insults of which workers? Irish
Created by: calbright
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