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Native American

Dugout Boat/ Canoe made from birch bark and tree gum.
Long house Made from trees and bark. Many families lived in it, women owned.
Teepees Temporary homes, usually used in the Great Plains for hunting buffalo.
Misconception Something people believe to be true before knowing all the facts.
Drought A long period of time without percipitation. This type of disaster usually appears in the desert.
Mesas A hill with a flat top
Adobe Type of clay used in the South West territory used to make sun baked clay houses.
Pueblos Type of house made with adobe clay. This type of house is normally found in the South West territory
Kachina dolls Used to educate kids about religion and cultural beliefs.
Irrigation System Used to provide water and other nutrients to the farmers crops.
Horse Animal used for forms of travel. Greatly used in the Great Plains to hunt buffalo
Potlatch A party in the Pacific Northwest in order to show wealth.
Lodge Large round huts built over a deep hole.
Hunter Type of person who kills wild game in order to provide food for themselves.
Gatherer A person who picks a variety of plants and berries inorder to provide food for themselves.
Kivas A secret room carved from the ground.
Affluent Means that you are well off or rich.
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