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Chap12 History

Importance of fort Sumter for the North Lincoln wanted to show that he was willing to protect Federal property even if it was located in a seceded state.
Results of Lincoln's call for troops after Fort Sumter Four more states seceded to the confederacy, bringing the total to 11. (Arkansas, North Carolina, Tennessee, & Virginia)
Union Troops at the first Battle of Bull Run Very poorly trained, retreated to Washington.
Joseph E. Johnston Confederate general who led southern forces at first Battle of Bull Run.
Anaconda Plan Union strategy to put a chokehold on southern forces by blockading southern ports
POW Camps The condition of these camps, north and south, were considered the most horrific of any event during the civil war
Matthew Brady A famous civil War photographer whose battlefield photos shocked the country, especially the north.
Mary Boykin Chestnut a southern gal who kept a journal during the civil War, and in later years published same.
Clara Barton A Union Army nurse, after the war founded the American Red Cross
Draft exemptions and the Confederacy Rich land owners were exempt, poor farmers and other workers were left to do most of the fighting in the South
Sally Louisa Tompkins South's counterpart to Clara Barton, she was made an officer in the confederate army so her hospital could be classified as a Military hospital.
Battle of Shiloh
New orleans
David Farragut
Lincoln & Mc Clellan
James E.B. "Jeb" Stuart
Battle of Antietam
Martain Delany
Ambrose E.Burnside and Antietam
Burnside & Fredericksburg
Jackson at Chancellorsville
George Meade
Vicksburg & Port Hudson
War of Attrition
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