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progressives group of reformers who wanted change
Teddy Roosevelt first "progressive" president; most known for his trust-busting, natural resource conservation, and passing of the Food and Drug Act; believed in a "Square Deal"
William Taft second "progressive" president; broke up trusts
Woodrow Wilson third "progressive" president; developed the Federal Trade Commission; introduced the income tax and Federal Reserve System
muckraker men and women who investigated and exposed corruption & conditions of the period
Ida Tarbell muckraker that exposed Rockefeller and Standard Oil's bad business practices; wrote "History of the Standard Oil Company"
Thomas Nast muckraker cartoonist that exposed political machines, particularly Boss Tweed
Lincoln Steffans muckraker that exposed public and political corruption; wrote "The Shame of the Cities"
Jacob Riis muckraker and photographer that exposed the poor quality of life in cities; wrote "How the Other Half Lives"
Lewis Hine muckraker and photographer who exposed child labor
Upton Sinclair author who wrote "The Jungle"; muckraker who exposed the meat packing industry
spoils system practice of giving government jobs to political supporters
political machines party bosses who influenced government decisions by taking bribes from people and overseeing voting practices (ex. Boss Tweed)
civil service examination a test given to prospective government employees to ensure that they are qualified for the job
initiative right of a citizen to place an issue before the voters or legislature for approval
referendum practice of letting voters accept or reject issues proposed by legislators
recall right that enables voters to remove elected officials from office
16th amendment Gave Congress power to collect income tax
17th amendment Direct election of senators
18th amendment prohibition; banned the manufacture, sale, and consumption of alcohol
19th amendment women's suffrage
Sherman Anti-Trust Act Illegal for corporations to gain control of industries by forming trusts; Not entirely enforced
Clayton Anti-Trust Act created price differences; Outlawed buying of stock in competing companies
Federal Reserve Act Improved nation’s monetary system Created modern banking system Created more flexible currency system, which allowed banks to control the money supply
Federal Trade Commission Prevented larger companies from destroying smaller ones; Protected healthy competition
Pure Food and Drug Act Barred the use of harmful additives & misleading advertising
Meat Inspection Act Created a meat inspection program
suffrage the right to vote
Temperance Movement the movement to eliminate alcohol in society
conservation to protect the natural resources
Square Deal Roosevelt's promise of fair and equal treatment for all
settlement house a place where the poor could live, learn a skill/get an education, and work
Hull House a specific settlement house
Jane Addams created the Hull House and fought for public reform
Square Deal Roosevelt's belief and program that everyone should be given equal opportunity (or treated fairly)
Created by: Mrs.Rizzo
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